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The best & most reliable WordPress plugins

Free Header Footer Code Manager

Header Footer Code Manager

Want to add snippets to the header or footer of your page? No problem! The Header Footer Code Manager plugin will enable you to do it with ease.


Free SVG Support

SVG Support

Want to safely upload SVG files to your media library in order to use them like regular images? The SVG Support plugin will enable you to do so!


Free iQ Block Country

iQ Block Country

Using the iQ Block Country plugin, you are able to limit access to your website content to visitors from defined countries.


Free Post Views Counter

Post Views Counter

Want to display how many times a post, page, or custom post type had been viewed? Then the Post Views Counter plugin is the tool for you!


Free WPFront Scroll Top

WPFront Scroll Top

WPFront Scroll Top is a plugin that allows your visitors to scroll back to the top of the page with ease using fully customizable options and images.


AccessiBe - The Best Solution for Your Web Accessibility Needs

accessiBe – The Best Solution for Your Web Accessibility Needs

accessiBe is a very convenient and powerful service using which you can make any website accessible to people with disabilities.


Free Cornerstone


The Cornerstone plugin allows you to create sections and add posts to them, which will then help visitors navigate your site more easily.


Free Simple Css

Simple CSS

Simple CSS is a plugin that enables you to add custom CSS to your site and apply it to specific posts and pages.


Free Spider Blocker

Spider Blocker

Spider Blocker is a plugin intended to block all bots that consume your site's bandwidth or slow down your server.


Free Inline Related Posts

Inline Related Posts

Increase engagement, page views, and reduce the bounce rate by incorporating a related posts section into your site with the Inline Related Posts plugin.


Free Scheduled Post Trigger

Scheduled Post Trigger

A plugin that uses a lightweight script to check and publish any scheduled posts that might have been missed.


Free 3d Flipbook

3D FlipBook

3D FlipBook is a PDF viewer that enables browsing of images, PDFs, and HTMLs in the form of a flipbook. Mostly used to attract user attention through demonstration magazines, books, cards, brochures, booklets, etc.