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Free WPFront Scroll Top

WPFront Scroll Top

Plugin Author: Syam Mohan

Martina Orsolic

December 7, 2020 (modified on December 21, 2021)


When you are developing a site in WordPress, you are always on the lookout to find new plugins that are going to make your site stand out more. Not only to stand out but also to make it more user-friendly and full of great features that give it a slicker and more modern feel.

It could be simple things like adding a great user interface or something more complex like an interconnected search bar. But sometimes it is the little things that matter the most on your site. And one of these little things is the plugin that I am going to be discussing today called WPFront Scroll Top.

So, what is WPFront Scroll Top anyway

WPFront Scroll Top banner

It is basically a plugin that allows you to add a button that, when pressed, will lead your site visitors back to the top of the page. It is really simple to understand and set up. And it works out the box so there really isn’t that much work that needs to be put into it in order for it to work properly.

You can change the size of the button, its location, and decide if you want it to be simple with plain text. But you can also really mess around with it if you have the time.

The button is a great addition to any site that you are currently working on and your visitors will be thrilled to find this feature on your site.

It is also a great way to remove the unnecessary scrolling needed to get back to the top of a page.

The biggest impact that this plugin is going to have will be on mobile device users because on mobile devices there is no simple and fast way of quickly scrolling back to the top of the page (you have to do it manually). But with the features provided by this plugin, your visitors will be able to scroll back in an instant, thus removing the tedious process of scrolling through your entire site in order to get to the main menu.

What are the main features of WPFront Scroll Top

One might think that there is not much to this plugin, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of handy features it offers:

  • You will be able to implement the page scroll to the top with a smooth and good-looking animation
  • You can link to an element that is located within the page itself
  • You can display a button which will show up when users that are visiting your site scroll down the page
  • You can create a text, image, or Font Awesome button
  • You can make the image be anything that you want
  • You are able to link to a different page using a URL
  • You can hide it if the site is being viewed on a small device
  • You can hide it on iframes
  • There is an auto-hide feature
  • Pages/Posts filter
  • Async JavaScript

How to install WPFront Scroll Top

WPFront Scroll Top installation

Well, first of all, you have to download and install the plugin before you are able to use it. Simply do so as you would for any other WordPress plugin or alternately you could go and use the “Automatic Installation”.

After you have successfully installed the plugin, you can go ahead and enable it under Plugins on your WordPress dashboard.

How to use WPFront Scroll Top

Now that you have the plugin installed, you can start using it. Go to your WordPress dashboard and then to Settings. Under Settings, you will find a plugin named Scroll Top. There you can edit and customize all of the plugin’s various features. You can change the button size, opacity, fade duration, scroll duration, and much more.

If you want, you can also make it auto-hide when a person decides to scroll back to the top manually (without using the button).

You can change the exact location where the button will appear on the screen and also the button style. The style can be an image. And you can choose any image that you want, you just have to upload it first or you could use any of the ones that come with the plugin.

The other great thing about this plugin is that you can add custom CSS. This is really awesome for those of you who want to further customize the button.

Costs, caveats, etc.

The plugin is completely free for you to use and it already comes with a whole bunch of awesome buttons for you to choose from. The sheer number of customization options is really mind-blowing, and you will be, at one point, shocked by the number of things that you can alter and change up in order to make the button blend in better with the design of your site.

As far as compatibility goes, you won’t have any issues with that when it comes to this plugin.

It works great with all of the plugins that I currently have active on my site (and I have a lot of them). I have also taken a look at what other people say about it and they agree that there are no conflicts whatsoever between this plugin and other similar plugins.

Plugin Info
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  • Active installations: 200,000+
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