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Free 3D FlipBook

Please read! This plugin is no longer available for download in the WordPress plugin repository. We suggest finding a similar, alternative plugin. We don't know the reason why the plugin is no longer available. Sometimes the author requests the removal, and sometimes it's removed by the repo administrators.

3D FlipBook

Plugin Author: iberezansky

Martina Orsolic

September 17, 2020


I cannot begin to explain all the ways in which site developers try to make a greater impression with their site. Be it in the design of the site, the text that is written on the site, or just the simple choice of the background image that is being used. All of these things can greatly change how a visitor perceives your site and what their experience with the site is going to be.

One such thing is a 3D flipbook which your visitors can go through once they open it. The point is that such things make the entire site more interactive and fun to be on.

You can easily create a 3D flipbook using the plugin conveniently named 3D FlipBook.

So, what is 3D FlipBook anyway

3d Flipbook banner

It is, as you might have imagined, a real-life depiction of a book or magazine that is interactive on your site. It can be flipped and read by your visitors and you can add almost whatever you want into it.

3d Flipbook closed magazine

So, I will immediately start by saying that it looks and feels so realistic. You can flip the pages and stop mid-way and you can see the contents of the previous page while also glimpsing the next one. It has that real paper feel to it and I was actually quite surprised by how well it works considering how complex and demanding it looks.

Also, I really like the whole animation of the page bending when you are flipping it. You can tone it down a little bit by making it less bendy or you can remove the animation completely.

3d Flipbook pages flipping

There are other plugins like this that offer you a 3D flipbook effect, but this one takes it to the next level. It has a nice physics engine going on and everything feels very real.


Here is the list of the many features and options that this plugin provides to its users:

  • You can use predefined flipbook styles
  • There is even a landing page which you can utilize on your site with the use of this plugin
  • It can automatically change the resolution of the flipbook depending on the device that opens the flipbook
  • You have additional 3D flipbook categories with which you can further customize the experience of your customers
  • It has a shortcode generator implemented within the plugin itself
  • Different languages are supported by the plugin
  • There are CSS layers
  • There is also a PDF search option
  • You can add thumbnails within the flipbook
  • There are sound effects as well, for example, the sound of flipping a page
  • Your visitors can print out the entire flipbook
  • There is a single page mode
  • PDF links
  • It is mobile-friendly
  • Flipping sheet animation style
  • A loading animation and a progress bar
  • A realistic view
  • Lightbox effects

How to install 3D FlipBook

Well, first of all, you have to download and install the plugin before you are able to use it. Simply download and install it as you would any other WordPress plugin or alternately you could use the “Automatic Installation”.

3d Flipbook installation

After you have successfully installed the plugin, you can go ahead and enable it in your admin panel under “Plugins”.

How to use 3D FlipBook

Now that you have successfully installed and enabled the plugin, you can start using it. Go to your dashboard and then to 3D FlipBook. Once there, you are able to add the title of the book or magazine that you want your users to flip through.

Under “General”, you add the image that is going to be shown on your site which your visitors can then click on in order to open the 3D flipbook.

Then under “Pages”, you simply go to your gallery and choose all of the pages that are going to be shown when someone is going through the flipbook. (Make sure that the first image is the cover of the book or magazine that you are going to be showing off).

After you have saved your flipbook, you can now go to your pages and add the flipbook to any one of them. And that is it, everything should work without any problems.

You can now go and change up all of the different flipbook settings that are available for you to play around with.

Costs, caveats, etc.

The plugin is really great and well-polished out. Additionally, it is completely free for you to use on any of your sites. However, there is a Pro version, which offers you a whole lot more features to play around with.

The Pro version will cost you $35, but if you have a site that will benefit a lot from such a plugin, then I recommend you opt for the Pro version.

It is surprisingly very easy to understand and use. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, it should pose you no problem in creating your 3D flipbooks.

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