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Free Popups for Divi

Popups for Divi

Want to create popups in the Divi Visual Builder? No problem! The Popups for Divi plugin will enable you to do exactly that.


Free Gosign – Background Container Block

Gosign – Background Container Block

The Gosign – Background Container Block plugin is a tool using which you can create a background container for holding all kinds of elements. It is perfect for the job because it has all the features you might need!


Top 7 Theme Options

The Top 8 WordPress Theme Options for 2020

Wondering which theme to pick for your 2020 project? Here is some help with the top 7 recommended themes.

Blog, Theme



Easily add a simple message to the top or bottom of your page that only slides in when a user is on your site for a set period of time.

Page, Premium, Theme

Paid Plugin


Build out modular content layouts right from the theme customizer, and scale up WordPress sites in minutes, without any code.

Admin, Page, Theme



A theme options framework which features a simple API that can be used to add a range of customization options to your theme, such as a color picker, time, sliders, and more.

Developer, Theme


Duplicate Theme

Choose any theme that you currently have installed on WordPress and duplicate themes. You can also create child themes.

Admin, Theme



The Timber framework brings the PHP Twig template system to WordPress, making theme development a easier with extendable templates and increased performance.

Developer, Theme


Theme Mentor

A perfect companion to Theme Check, find some common errors that plagues theme development, and easily find where in your theme file the problem is located so you can make it a quick fix. Check any theme installed on WordPress.

Developer, Theme



If you are developing a WordPress theme, you need to make sure that your theme is compliant with the Theme Review Guidelines. This plugin automatically checks to make sure your theme is up to spec. in your admin panel.

Developer, Theme