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The best and most reliable WordPress plugins

Optimize Database

Sweep your WordPress install for superficial data stored in your database and make your site run faster and customizable. Tweak the optimization settings, and exclude any tables from being touched by the plugin at all if it stores sensitive data.

Admin, Developer

Post Snippets

Add snippets of code or custom shortcodes by adding code samples in your admin panel. A basic templating language allows you to specify where variables should be inserted into code, and adds a button to TinyMCE to add snippets to posts.



If you are developing a WordPress theme, you need to make sure that your theme is compliant with the Theme Review Guidelines. This plugin automatically checks to make sure your theme is up to spec. in your admin panel.

Developer, Theme

Debug Bar

Places a button in your admin bar that gives you troubleshooting information for each page that you are on, including PHP Errors, SQL queries, HTTP Requests and a full server rundown. Develop WordPress sites faster and more efficiently, with all of your debugging info in one place.



Add command line tools to WordPress. Update your WP site, install one from scratch and manage databases without leaving the terminal. If you find yourself completing dev. tasks over and over, this is probably the right plugin for you.


SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

Highlight code samples right within your post editor. Simple to set up, uses shortcodes to define code language, and lots of customizable options.

Developer, Page


Used to serve non-critical updates to those that use it when WordPress is in between development cycles. Automatically detects your WordPress version.

Admin, Developer