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Free One-click Unsplash Uploads in Seconds – Instant Images Plugin

One-click Unsplash Uploads in Seconds – Instant Images Plugin

Plugin Author: Darren Cooney


July 26, 2019 (modified on June 5, 2020)


How often do you need free images of great quality for your website, and how much time does it take to upload them? If it is often, you will appreciate any help that spares your time.

Luckily, Instant Images plugin has been designed to enable one-click Unsplash uploads. Without it, it seems impossible to upload images to the Media Library instantly. With it, it is not only possible but also as simple as it may. Most importantly, you don’t have to leave WordPress not even for a minute.

Uploading images might be frustrating for users and developers, but Instant Images works smoothly inside the WordPress installation.

What is Instant Images Plugin?

instant images

Instant Images plugin allows you to easily add images from Unsplash to your WordPress media library

Instant Images – One-click Unsplash Uploads is open source software and therefore convenient for unlimited use. The first step is to find images for any topic of your interest. You can find them quickly by using the option Image Search. It saves time, and it can be done from the WordPress Admin. Especially if you are creating galleries, which multiplies the number of pictures you have to add.

Common users are not the only ones that are grateful for this plugin. Developers who are fond of using real-world imagery can improve their work as well.

How to Install Instant Images Plugin?

The installation of Instant Images requires only a few steps. Find ‘Add New’ in the WordPress plugin repository and search for the Instant Images plugin. Click ‘Install Now’, and activate the plugin after the installation.

You can also install it by using FTP. The plugin is updated on a regular basis, and it is tested on WordPress Version 4.0 or higher. This includes main browsers on Mac and PC. Instant Images plugin integrates as a plugin sidebar with Gutenberg. This integration enables you to easily edit all data (filename and captions) related to the image prior to its upload to a Media Library.

The image is automatically uploaded after a single click. It couldn’t be simpler than this.

Instant images preview

Instant images plugin allows you to search through the images available on Unsplash

Search and Download HD Photographs

If you have a problem to find adequate images for your blog and you are facing a deadline, you can quickly find what you need in seconds and for any topic. Unsplash has the largest variety of photos you can legally copy, customize, distribute, and use for any non-commercial or commercial purpose for free. You don’t have to ask permission or to attribute the image to the author or Unsplash. If you want, you can do it by using a badge.

Unsplash makes it really easy to find any HD photo of your interest. Simply explore a number of categories or search for individual images by ID. Enter it into the search box to receive a single result. The advantage is that you can combine search terms by adding ‘+’ between the words. In this way, you’ll be able to acquire better results.

Sometimes, it may happen not to be able to download images for many reasons. Most common potential causes include permissions, upload size, HTTPS, REST API, and URL open. Make sure that:

  • Your WP Uploads Directory has at least 0755 permission set,
  • The Media Library has at least 16mb max upload set size, and
  • Your public website and WP Admin use the same HTTP protocol.

Also, check if:

  • You have updated security setting to allow access to the WP Rest API, which Instant Images uses
  • Allow_url_fopen is turned ON, as well as your server’s php.ini file. Proper setting guarantees the download from a remote server.

Perfect Time Saver with Great Features

Instant Images is a great time saver which preserves your comfort to continue working in the WordPress Admin. This amazing feature allows you to quickly find perfect images for the purpose of your website. When we say quickly, we are talking about seconds!

Unsplash Free Images

Unsplash allows you to search and use free images from their extensive library

Editing images is equally fast and comes before uploading. The upload to Media Library is automatic after a single click. Remember that your theme determines the size of the images. Once they have been processed on the server, the original will be removed, and the upload to the Media Library will match the criteria set by the theme.

Your WordPress Uploads Directory contains instant images sub-directory. Its main task is to temporary save images until the processing finishes. After the processing, the images will be uploaded to the Media Library.

Set the size of images before you upload them

Besides mentioned, you can use the Instant Images setting panel to set the image size (width and height) prior to uploading. It’s on you to search for free HD images in Unsplash collections, and you can refine the results in accordance with your needs and preferences. It would take hours to do it manually, but the plugin does a great job and speeds up the process.

Instant Images is the right choice for everyone in need of high-quality photographs. Until Instant Images was developed, it wasn’t so easy to visualize some idea with great images. Now it is possible to browse, search and upload from the dashboard. Common users appreciate plugin’s user-friendly features, but it is a great tool for developers too, especially those who are using real-world imagery for a prototype.

Speaking about the access to Instant Images, any user with a minimum role of edit theme options can do so. If there is a need to modify or restrict it, you can do it with the special filter. You can use it to update the role.

Final Word

Free stock images are daily in use to illustrate blog posts. Instant Images plugin is a great help to bloggers, content writers, and marketers who can support their writing with top quality images. If you need more than one photograph, there is no need to download them one by one. Simply click on chosen images and download them simultaneously.

Some people make a mistake and leave the page after the download has started. Don’t do that! Stay on the page until you download all the images to the directory. Unsplash images are of great quality, but the quality comes with large size. Usually, you would need a lot of time to customize huge images and get them ready for the blog. The process would include browsing, searching, downloading, resizing with some photo editing software, and finally uploading to WordPress.

Instant Images simplifies and shortens the process without compromising the quality of the images. You can use Unsplash images directly from the WordPress Media Library, or they can be automatically added to the content.

While you can get fantastic free images from Unsplash, it’s important that you know about the risks of using images from free photo sites, and how you can use them safely.

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