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Tidy Repo

The best & most reliable WordPress plugins

Free Instant Images

One-click Unsplash Uploads in Seconds – Instant Images Plugin

Instant Images plugin saves you time and trouble while searching for and uploading images on your website. Upload images from Unsplash to your WordPress media library with a single click!


Free Search Meter

Search Meter

If you use a search box on your WordPress blog, this plugin will be able to record everything people search for. This will allow you to analyze & improve the content on your website.


Free increase maximum upload file size

Increase Maximum Upload File Size

Increase Maximum Upload File Size is a rather handy WordPress plugin, that allows you to increase your website's upload limit with no coding skills required!


Free WP Mailto Links – Manage & Protect Email Links

WP Mailto Links – Manage & Protect Email Links

This simple plugin can protect all email addresses displayed on your WordPress site by encoding them. Simply install and active the plugin, and your email address will become safe from spam bots.


Free Email Encoder

Email Encoder

Encode mailto links, email addresses, phone numbers or any other text of your choice to hide it from spam-bots and data harvesters.