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Top 10 WordPress Plugins from WPEka Club to Install After You’ve Got a WordPress Blog

Top 10 WordPress Plugins from WPEka Club to Install After You’ve Got a WordPress Blog

Sanjeev Pandey

November 21, 2018


WordPress is surely not just another platform that allows you to develop websites. On the contrary, it is one powerful tool that is powering more than 24% of the internet. And, yes that’s true. And, by setting the goal of turning 24% into 50% really soon, it’s quite evident how this platform is ready to give its competitors a run for their money.

For countless people out there, looking forward to building a blog, there is a lot that WordPress provides. Since nobody wants to indulge in the tough task, one thing that can make the process easier for them is a plugin. In fact, a lot of plugins together can make the journey even more excited.

These handy elements can surely do wonders for your newly developed blog. However, which one to choose and which one to leave has always remained a dilemma for most of the users. So, here are top 10 WordPress plugins from WPEka Club to install right after you’ve got a WordPress blog ready.



One of the grave mistakes that people usually end up committing is not having appropriate legal pages on the website. So, if you are trying to establish a business through your blog or are endeavoring to associate with a massive set of audience, this is one plugin you must have on your WordPress blog.

With this WordPress Privacy policy plugin, there is a lot that you can do to ensure the credibility of the website to your visitors. It is equipped with more than 25 inbuilt legal templates that are designed under the guidance of experienced lawyers and internet laws.

Not just these templates will be easy to install but also allow you to edit them seamlessly. Therefore, you can simply make these pages according to the nature of your website. Right from privacy policy to affiliate disclaimer, this plugin provides a lot more.



By now, you would understand the importance of taking a website backup. This is one such activity that brings back the last version of the website if things go wrong during the update or editing. Thus, backing up your WordPress blog is quite an important thing.

To make the process efficient, you can simply use this plugin. It provides you with a variety of options when it comes to backing up. Either you can back up a database or just a mere file. If more is what you want, you can even backup your entire site altogether.

It even provides you an automated backup scheduler that helps you pick a perfect time to take the backup. And then, not just a website, but you can even secure a theme by taking its backup with this one plugin.


Survey Funnel

SurveyFunnel WordPress survey plugin that helps you enhance the engagement rate on your blog. If you wish to convert your daily visitors into faithful customers, this is a plugin you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

SurveyFunnel helps you by capturing qualified leads, engaging your audience, obtaining customer insights, and building the sales funnel of your website. Even some of the best marketers are using this plugin to the best of its abilities.

By using its significant conditional logic, this plugin lets you craft the next question based on the last response of your visitors. Thus, keeping them hooked for long becomes easier. With the analyzing feature of this plugin, you can even learn how your blog visitors are interacting with online surveys, and more.



Search engine optimization is surely one of the important techniques of garnering more attention from the audience. Not just you can obtain organic traffic with properly executed SEO but can also rank your blog higher.

If you don’t know much about SEO, this plugin can be your savior. It comes packed with a complete page analyzation feature that lets you pinpoint where you are going wrong. Further, this plugin can even help you optimize WordPress XML sitemaps.

It is completely integrated with the latest SEO updates from top search engines, like Google algorithms, and more. You can even get MOZ integration with this plugin that helps you assess the target keywords and make changes to your content on the basis of your scores.

WP Local Plus

WP Local Plus

This one is an automated business directory plugin for WordPress that easily creates local directories for business. It is competent enough to create local communities, like bakers, carpenters, and more. Having this plugin on your blog will provide you an authority within your domain by offering updated, precise, and detailed information about relevant listings of local businesses.

You wouldn’t have to take an effort of generating listing on your own. Instead, it will auto-generate all of them. Thus, it can save you a lot of time when it comes to setting up your directory for local business.

You can even improve the listing by showcasing the latest discounts and deals offered by local business owners. Also, it even provides a profound detail about a listing, including the location, website, map, reviews, and more.


Another one on the list is WPRaffle, which is a plugin meant to help you organize giveaways and other offers on the blog. Since it is important to encourage visitors to be connected with your blog, you must give some reasons to them for doing so.

It provides several options for users to take part in the contest. It can be anything, such as liking a Facebook page, following a twitter account, tweeting a message, or subscribing to your email list. You can even add multiple prizes for one giveaway.

Furthermore, this comprehensible plugin can even be integrated with email software, like Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Aweber, and more. Thus, you can even add your visitors’ data to enhance your mailing list easily.


WP Auction Software

If you are looking forward to having such a website where you can sell your items or help others sell their products, this is the plugin you should be using. Being one of the most responsive and powerful plugins, WPAuctionSoftware helps you build an auction website.

With this plugin, you can set up such a website that mirrors the style of eBay auctioning. You can even charge for every list that you submit on the site. You can even choose between auto approval and manually approving visitors.

Out of several other plugins, it even lets you create an invoice. Whenever someone sells an intent, you can choose to send an automatically generated invoice to the buyer. This invoice comprises payment terms and link for making the payment.


WP AdCenter

If you were looking for an easy and simple tool to manage your Ads, WP AdCenter is an option to rely upon. This plugin assists you in controlling every single aspect of generating advertisements on a WordPress blog.

This plugin provides Ad Zones that help you showcase banner advertisements on your website. Either one banner can rotate or hold several other banners at a time. You can have as many Ad Zones as you would want on your WordPress blog.

Along with Ad Zones, you even get an opportunity to create unlimited campaigns to test which is being effective and which one is not. You can even put an automatic start as well as end dates on these campaigns.


Collage Maker

Moving forward, this collage maker plugin will help you generate different types of responsive embed collage and photo collages anywhere on the website. By using different shortcodes, you have the liberty to make those collages look however you want.

With these custom and attractive photo collages, you can easily keep your website visitors hooked and engaged for long. Furthermore, the plugin even provides you different options to customize these collages, like dimensions, alignment, styles, and more.

To make the process even easier, this Collage Maker plugin comes with more than 30 different layouts of collage. Thus, you can show the best of your images in different ways. If you want, you can even get images from external sources, like Instagram, Pinterest, and more.


WP Answers

WP-Answers is another considerable plugin that you should be having on your WordPress blog. This comprehensible and fully-featured question and answer plugin provides you with an opportunity to create a forum like Yahoo answers, Quora, or Stack Overflow.

If you want, you can even transform your website into an interactive and developing answer community forum with this plugin. With multiple collage themes, you can create something as per your own style.

With the help of this plugin, you can let your visitors ask questions. They can even set titles, add descriptions, assign a category and fix keywords. Your users can even submit answers or markdown some. Once you’ve approved a user, he/she can answer any number of questions as desired.


Having interactive and responsive plugins by your side can always help you achieve several goals with ease. So, stop looking out for plugins anywhere else and consider the ones listed above. If you want, you can even take these plugins in a bundle where there are more than 80 other plugins.

All you have to do is signup here and you can get any plugin you want at a minimum price. Try these plugins once, and you can provide an amazing experience to your visitors altogether.