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Freemium WP Admin Audit – A Total Review

WP Admin Audit – A Total Review

Plugin Author: brandtoss

Samir Nazic

April 20, 2023 (modified on December 1, 2023)


Psst, did you catch wind of the buzz? WordPress is scaling faster than a linear search algorithm! With droves of websites joining the party, it’s vital to log changes to dodge the dreaded segmentation fault and keep your website running like a well-oiled machine.

Any business that wants to maintain its website updated, secure, and search engine optimized must keep track of logs and modifications in WordPress. Without it, you might become lost in the vast and terrible wilderness of the internet. It’s kind of like a GPS for your website.

Logs and modifications not only help you find any problems with your website (such as broken links or out-of-date data), but they also offer insightful information about how users interact with your site. You can utilize that data to enhance the user experience on your website, increase search ranks, and optimize it for engines like Google or Bing.

I understand what you’re thinking right about now: “Wow, this seems quite serious. Do I have to gather a group of IT specialists to handle my WordPress logs and modifications?” Well, do not worry.

This method is really simple thanks to a certain plugin – WP Admin Audit. It’s similar to having an assistant to take care of all the little things so you can concentrate on what counts – coming up with amazing content and engaging with your target audience.

WP Admin Audit – Introduction

WP Admin Audit – Introduction

As said before, if you are looking for a strong and modern activity log solution, look no further than WP Admin Audit. You may rest easier at night knowing that this plugin monitors all site updates, security incidents, and admin actions.

WP Admin Audit is a robust and powerful plugin that offers a range of valuable features ranging from user activity logging, and security alerts to powerful search and filtering.

You can even create personalized reports based on user activity to make it simple to monitor the effectiveness of your website.

WP Admin Audit Installation and Usage

Preparation is the key to success in any endeavor. So before we continue explaining how to utilize this awesome plugin, you’ll need to install it. Don’t worry, here is how you can do it in no time.

How to Install and Use WP Admin Audit?

How to install and use WP Admin Audit?

Firstly, you can either download a free version or buy the premium one. After you’ve downloaded the ZIP file containing the WP Admin Audit plugin, head over to the Plugins tab in your WordPress. Click on the „Add New” button and then follow with a click on „Upload plugin”.

Choose the ZIP file and let WordPress do all the work for you. Activate the plugin and congrats, you are all set.

Head over to the WP Admin Audit plugin. Here you can find Event Log. As the heart is the center of the human body, so is the Event Log heart of WP Admin Audit.

Here you can easily browse all important WordPress events with built-in filters and search capability. When you click on any event log’s entry to see detailed changes.

Another thing to take into account is the sensors. The sensors are one of the essential components in WP Admin Audit. Consider them to be tiny investigators, each of whom has been taught to spot particular activities on your site.

Which sensors you use or don’t utilize is up to you. The event log will be updated with the newest details and data if a sensor is operational and detects an event.

Never Miss a Site Change Again – Overview of Free Version Features

Never miss a site change again – Overview of free version features

As freebies are always welcomed, you’ll be delighted to find out that you can use the free WP Admin Audit version without any additional cost. So without any delay, let’s together explore its best features, advantages, and a few disadvantages.

Best Free WP Admin Audit Features

All right, let’s dive into some of the coolest features you can get for free with WP Admin Audit.

Monitoring Content

Monitoring content

This option lets you keep track of any alterations made to your posts and pages. So you can stop speculating about who deleted the blog entry you spent hours crafting.

User Activity

User activity

Every user action, such as logins, profile changes, changes to passwords, and deletions, is logged by WP Admin Audit. Think of WP Admin Audit as your site’s trusty guard dog – if anyone tries to sneak in uninvited, you’ll get a loud bark (or rather, a notification) right away!

Changes to Plugins and Themes

Changes to plugins and themes

Using this plugin you’ll be able to track every time a new plugin or theme is added, enabled, updated, or removed. You feel like you have a personal assistant who keeps you constantly informed!

Advanced Search and Filtering

Advanced search and filtering

The advanced search and filtering features of WP Admin Audit make finding the data you need as simple (or perhaps even easier) as locating a needle in a haystack. So say goodbye to endless scrolling and searching.

Free Version’s Advantages

One of the main benefits when using WP Admin Audit is that it helps you keep track of all user activity and site updates, allowing you to quickly spot any security issues and take appropriate action.

Furthermore, you can rest easy knowing that all of the activities on your site are constantly watched and well-documented thanks.

On top of that, you can get important insights into your website’s administration, allowing you to spot any problems and fix them as necessary.

Free Version’s Disadvantages

However, let’s not forget that even the most charming products can have their flaws. WP Admin Audit is no exception, and it’s important to keep these potential downsides in mind.

One of them is that is limited in features. While the free version will do the job amazingly, the premium version offers more advanced features such as enforced password changes, third-party plugin support, and CSV export.

Moreover, WordPress beginners may find the WP Admin Audit interface quite overwhelming as well as the plugin can use a bigger amount of resources depending on your website’s size.

However, considering the improved security it offers, this is a tiny price to pay.

Upgrade Your Site’s Security with WP Admin Audit Premium: Unleash the Power of Advanced Features

Upgrade your site's security with WP Admin Audit premium: Unleash the power of advanced features

By now you have explored the basic features that are available in the WP Admin Audit’s free version. You are satisfied, the plugin runs smoothly, and you wish to upgrade to the premium one. Is it worth it?

In short, absolutely yes. There are a variety of enticing features that will give you that premium feel. Here are the best ones, we picked for you.

Email and Text Notifications

Email and text notifications

Pick event categories or event seriousness (such as critical and high) for swift notification (by email and/or SMS). You can inform specific WordPress users, entire user groups (such as administrators), or specific email addresses.

User Role Adjustment/Deactivation

User role adjustment/deactivation

You can specify that inactive user accounts for specific roles (for a particular period) shall be changed to a different user role.

For instance, the Subscriber user role may be automatically assigned to administrator accounts that have been dormant for 30 days.

The user accounts can also be disabled as an alternative.

Enforce Recurring Password Changes

Enforce recurring password changes

You can set a policy that mandates frequent password changes for users (with specific roles).

Administrator accounts, for instance, might need to reset their passwords at least once every 90 days.

Additionally, when a password change is about to occur, WP Admin Audit will notify users beforehand.

Log Tampering Prevention

WP Admin Audit prevents event log tempering by using encrypted signatures. With recurring integrity checks you can spot manipulated events in no time.

With all listed above we can say that WP Admin Audit is quite a tool to have at your disposal that has an upper advantage over other plugins on the market. One other plus is that they provide documentation on every feature available, so if you appear stuck in front of a wall, give it a try. You can access their documentation at this link.

However, take note that there might be some disadvantages. For example, it is quite extensive. Some people may find all those features challenging and confusing.

Even more, it is required to know to have at least a little bit of WordPress knowledge. Most WordPress beginners might find themselves overwhelmed by WP Admin Audit’s user interface.

Free VS. Premium Version Comparison

The plugin’s free edition comes with several helpful features that users to keep track of all the modifications made to their WordPress websites, ensure that they are kept up to date on security-related actions, spot technical problems, and more.

While the free version does have powerful search and filtering, an inactive users option, and audit login attempts, it lacks more refined features that can further improve your website’s monitoring.

Features such as email notification, auto-adjustment of inactive accounts, and exporting to CSV are exclusively reserved for the premium version only.

It is worth mentioning there are three price tiers to choose from when opting for the premium WP Admin Audit:

  • Startup – 99 €/year
  • Business – 149 €/year
  • Enterprise 249 €/year

Great news! You can save 15% on your purchase of this plugin today! Simply use the code TIDY15 at checkout to apply your discount. Don’t wait – take advantage of this offer now and enjoy all the benefits of this plugin at a discounted price.

Consider WP Admin Audit’s free version as a good starting point on your journey, but the premium version is a strong companion worthy of having by your side.

In Conclusion

For WordPress webmasters and administrators who want to maintain track of modifications made to their site’s backend, WP Admin Audit is the perfect tool. It is simple to analyze user actions and spot any security risks thanks to its robust logging capabilities and user-friendly UI. Preserving a record of user activity can also assist owners of websites in keeping with data protection laws.

I recommend utilizing WP Admin Audit to keep tabs on user activity if you are the owner or administrator of a WordPress website. With its comprehensive logging features, you can detect potential security problems and make sure your website complies with data protection laws. With the use of the coupon code TIDY15, you can save 15% on the WP Admin Audit plugin purchase.

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