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Freemium WP Audit review

WP Admin Audit – A Total Review

WP Admin Audit is a powerful plugin for WordPress that helps you keep your website secure and running smoothly. With comprehensive activity logs and user monitoring, you can easily track changes and keep your site safe from potential threats.
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Paid Plugin 2FA Login WordPress form

How to Add 2FA to a WordPress Login Form

WP Login Lockdown is a WordPress plugin you can use to protect your WordPress login form. It improves your security, stops brute force attacks, and even blocks bots from accessing your login page.


How to Restrict Shipping to Logged in Users in WooCommerce

How to Restrict Shipping to Logged in Users in WooCommerce: Track User Activity

Learn about the awesome features that Table Rate Shipping is offering you.


HostArmada Review

HostArmada Review: Web Hosting Service That Proves Efficient and Rises Above Its Competitors

Web hosting service that will help you to build a fantastic website.