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Free Sticky Side Buttons

Please read! This plugin has not been updated in over 6 months. It may no longer be maintained or supported. There may be compatibility issues when used with the latest version of WordPress. We suggest finding a similar, alternative plugin. Learn more about outdated plugins.

Sticky Side Buttons

Plugin Author: Maeve Lander

Tena Androic

January 8, 2020


Everyone dealing with a WordPress website is aware of how necessary (and life-saving) plugins can be. These little things help you save time, get your job done in a much faster manner, and are beyond functional. You can almost say that without them, running a successful WordPress website would be next to impossible.

And how does one achieve that? By creating plugins that will make them enjoy their time spent on your website and help get the most of their visit with the help of all kinds of useful plugins.

In comes Sticky Side Buttons!  Here, we’ll discuss exactly what Sticky Side Buttons is and why you’re going to absolutely love it! Without any further ado, let’s start.

What is Sticky Side Buttons?

Sticky Side Buttons is one of the most intriguing WordPress plugins that have been created lately. It’s a simple button that lets you create various new floating buttons anywhere on your website with the purpose of leaving all sorts of the necessary information for your users.


The awesome thing about Sticky Side Buttons is that it lets you leave a ton of information all in one place while the users are more than aware of it as it floats while they’re scrolling up and down your website.

Basically, this plugin is hard to miss, which means your users will definitely be tempted to use it at some point or another and be left in awe as they get all the info they need in one place. Super cool, I know!

In case they forget what they were in need of, Sticky Side Buttons will always be an obvious reminder. Therefore, they’ll always be able to get to any info they were after, thanks to this amazing plugin’s visible presence on the side of your site.


This plugin is all about functionality. Think about it. You need your users to get all the information they possibly need, and you need it done right. You don’t want them leaving your site within seconds in case it’s too confusing or if they can’t find the thing they need and fast.

There are a bunch of call to action buttons which tell your users what to do, and then you have basic info (link address, phone numbers, etc.) or any type of information you want to put out.

And Sticky Side Buttons allows you to manage all that in one place. No matter how much scrolling there is on your WordPress website, this plugin will float around on the side and be available any time a user needs a certain type of into.

What Can You Use It For?

Button builder

  • Leaving a phone number: this is totally up to you. Do you want them to have your personal phone number? Perhaps an official number of your website? Maybe customer service? Whichever one you want to leave, you can just stick it there, and your users will have access to it the whole time they’re scrolling down your website.
  • An email address: again, should you opt for a different route, you can just as easily leave an email address and ensure that your users can contact you or any of your colleagues any time they have a question regarding your website.
  • Social media icons: you can also leave all of your social icons here so that your users can find you on whichever social media platform you’re representing your product.
  • Store locations: last but not least, let your users know of all your store locations and keep them informed on all aforementioned things that are neatly placed in one visible spot where they’ll be informed on all vital info regarding your respective website.

The possibilities are endless. These are just some of the key ideas for how you can use them. The point is, this plugin is a time-saver as it allows for quick, prompt access to all the basics of your WordPress website.

Some of the other configuration options that will woo you are:

  • ability to choose the button position (right/left)
  • a dark/light style of the plugin
  • choose your animation style
  • option to disable it on mobile
  • customizable icon buttons (text, link, colors)
  • show them on whichever section of your WordPress website

General Settings

Costs, Caveats, Etc.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a functional, compact, and useful space on your website where you’ll be able to have all of your information neatly stored to the satisfaction of your users, Sticky Side Buttons are your desired plugin!

Your users will be impressed as it means less fuss for them when they’re in need of your email address as well as your store location. This way, they don’t have to search all-around your website, aimlessly. It’s all right there in one spot waiting for them to click on it with a satisfied smile on their face.

One other important thing to note: If your website is merely one page long, you’re not going to be able to install Sticky Side Buttons, so our recommendation is to perhaps try to add a page or two if able, and then, you can enjoy all the perks of this really handy plugin!

Since you can set up this incredible WordPress plugin free of charge, why not give it a shot? It’s going to be a refreshing new feature on your website, and it’ll give your users a reason to come back to your site. It’s hard to miss, functional, and full of vital info just waiting to be seen. We promise you won’t be sorry if you try it out. This is a revelation that will improve the functionality of your WordPress website and impress your users all at the same time.

Plugin Info
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