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Free WP Meta and Date Remover

WP Meta and Date Remover

Plugin Author: Prasad Kirpekar

Gordan Orlic

December 24, 2019


When you think about user experience, positive feedback, and proper efficiency, there are two things that make the big difference between quality and sloppiness – good content and page responsiveness. Getting that burst of inspiration is probably your most favorite tool in creating genius articles with stories that will simply „feed your readers,“ but did you get caught up in it to the point that you forgot how important your site responsiveness is?

From there, it’s just a matter of seconds before he or she clicks away from your masterpiece. Although it provides all of the info wrapped up like a piece of candy, it just isn’t bearable because of the dreadful slowness that is preventing them from reading.

Well, say goodbye to your issues because there is a new tool on the market that will wipe all of that garbage from your site and bring its shine back with impressive efficiency and lightning bolt speeds – WP Meta and Date Remover!

What is WP Meta and Date Remover?

WP Meta and Date Remover is a plugin that allows you to remove the author and date information from every article posted since day one!  Unlike many other plugins, it is compatible with different WordPress themes, regardless if it’s free or premium, as well as the default one, therefore it can be a quick, painless solution if you are using your own custom setup.

wp meta and date remover

This plugin offers simplicity, effectiveness, and at the most important part, it delivers. Unlike other methods, it enables metadata removing with a single click rather than going through a whole painful procedure that should really be done in a matter of minutes. With its beginner-friendly using experience, you definitely won’t waste your time on research and tutorials to figure out how to get its features exploited. It will take less than a minute to install it and get it rolling, and with its trademark of simplicity, you will surely fall in love with this plugin at first using. At this point you are probably wondering how it works, so here is a walkthrough of what do you need to do to set it up:

  • Navigate to your WordPress admin section and click on the „add plugins“ button
  • In the search box, type (or even better paste) „WP Meta and Date Remover“ and press „enter.“

Add WP Meta and Date plugin

  • Install and activate the plugin
  • Choose whether to hide from Backend (Page Source) or Frontend or Both
  • Go to the plugin settings page and check on the metadata feature, as it sometimes gets automatically turned off with the installation of a new plugin

Those are the simple steps you need to follow in order to tidy your website and give it a touch of freshness and boost its performance to a clockwork level, as good as it ever was.

What are the features

When it comes to these types of tools, you want them to be reliable, simple, and get the job done, which is exactly what WP Meta and Date Remover offers. It’s not overcrowded with irrelevant options but sticks to its function with a few additional handy add-ons. This plugin removes the data by swiping it from both the front and the back end.

WP Meta Enable

It’s hiding it from the front end by exploiting the CSS and deleting it from the back end using PHP. Plugin register CSS is in charge of hiding any information contained by the metadata class, while the PHP serves as a backup plan in case the CSS file doesn’t get the job done, so there is always a guarantee that this plugin won’t fail you.

Set Custom CSS

The cool part is that it removes metadata from the source code, which means that it will never again be visible in search engine entries, which makes SEO a much cleaner job to do. Just to give you a heads up, search engines take time to react to changes, so don’t panic if you still see the results coming up while browsing – they will definitely eventually go away. It’s up to you whether you want to use both of the methods or just one. We recommend using both, but it sure is a classy finesse to make it customizable and let you pick either one or both. Other than its key features, WP Meta and Date Remover provides icons and phrases customizing with the addition of customizing and replacing authors, comments, tags, and categories.

Remove Meta and Date

To top it all off, the developers of this plugin thought about your will to keep the date on some (or many) of your articles, so you can select the ones you want to keep the dates on and is especially useful for those season-themed ones, or others with specialized writing strategy to keep their context intact.

Costs, Caveats, Etc.

When you get offered a powerful tool that will solve multiple problems, you probably think that it will decimate your pocket, but not this time since it’s completely free! WP Meta and Date Remover will improve your users’ scrolling experience, make your website squeaky clean and remove all of the unnecessary metadata that has been piling up for months or even years. Add up the handy date removal option that lets you manipulate your articles to your will, and combining it with other customizing cheats will, without a doubt, bring more clicks and make your users stay on the site as long as you want them to.

Without loading on runtime, this handy little helper puts simplicity and quality on the top of its priority list for flawless results every time you use it. It comes with responsive design; therefore, your website will not be affected, and it will remain intact with all of the features and visuals you worked hard on. Let this plugin do the work for you, and without spending a dime, keep focusing on your content, which will again be the main reason your visitors keep reading without worrying about website issues that have just been permanently handled.

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