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Free WP Bouncer

WP Bouncer

Plugin Author: Andrew Norcross, strangerstudios

Jay Hoffmann

October 18, 2013 (modified on June 14, 2022)


If you’re running a WordPress install as a membership site, with lots of users and paid accounts, it can be hard to discourage users from sharing their login details with others. You’ve probably seen other sites prevent users logging in from multiple locations at the same time. WP Bouncer gives your WordPress install exactly that. Obviously, there’s also the option of using a WordPress membership plugin.

What’s It Do?

WP Bouncer works like this. If a user is logged in on one device, and the same login credentials are used to login on another device, then user A, on the first device, will be automatically logged out and redirected to a warning page, and user B will be logged in. If user A logs in again, however, user B will be bounced to the warning page.

The bounce page

The bounce page

Keep in mind, this works for devices, not browser or sessions. So if a user logs in on another browser, or for whatever reason their session is lost, then they won’t have any trouble at all logging back in. It takes the proper measures to make sure that a user won’t even know the plugin exists unless they share their credentials with others.

How’s It Work?

WP Bouncer will begin working upon activation. That means as soon as you install and activate the plugin, the plugin will start redirecting users that are logged in from multiple locations. This, however, will not work for administrator users, or users with the manage_options capability enabled, so you don’t have to worry about being bounced out of your own site.

It works by checking the platform and browser from the user agent string that is passed by the user. It then checks that against other logged in sessions, and if a combination of these is different, then the user will be bounced. That’s it. There are no settings, and as far as I can tell, no actions or hooks.

I know that the developers behind this plugin are working on more advanced features, and a settings page, but for now everything works behind the scenes.

Costs, Caveats, Etc.

WP Bouncer is simple and free. It’s fairly new to WordPress but it’s been patched a couple of times with minor updates and fixes. If you are looking for support for the plugin, try the support forums for help.


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