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The best & most reliable WordPress plugins

Speed Comparison of 100+ WordPress Themes – Not all Themes are Built the Same!

All themes are not made the same! We took 100+ free WordPress themes and tested their performance. See how to pick and optimize themes to make your site faster.



Redirect 404 Error Page to Home Page or Custom Page

If you need a quick, 5 seconds solution for your 404 error page problems look no further. This dead simple plugin redirects 404 pages to any custom URL.


Welcome to Tidy Repo v3

New people, new ideas, new plugins. But the same old concept of plugins that just work! After a brief hibernation period, Tidy Repo is back in business with reviews you can trust and rely on.


Old, Outdated & Unmaintained Plugins are Dangerous

Abandoned plugins are often incompatible with the latest versions of WordPress and can cause numerous problems. Learn how to spot them and find better alternatives.