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Free Visual Icon Fonts

Please read! This plugin is no longer available for download in the WordPress plugin repository. We suggest finding a similar, alternative plugin. We don't know the reason why the plugin is no longer available. Sometimes the author requests the removal, and sometimes it's removed by the repo administrators.

Visual Icon Fonts

Plugin Author: WebFactory

Vallery Henings

January 11, 2019


Icon fonts are more convenient to be used on websites instead of classic images. They contain symbols and pictograms as an alternative to letters and numbers. There are a lot of sets and toolkits that enable you building of vector icons and social logos on your websites, but only a few of them work in a user-friendly way.

The icons are super easy to use and change regarding style, size or position. Any of them can be animated as well. They are commonly used for the variety of buttons, carts, and social media logos, but they are applicable in many other cases as well.

Icon fonts gain in popularity when it comes to web design, but you have to ensure proper download and rely on the proven WordPress visual icon fonts plugin to achieve a wished result. Font Awesome and Genericons are among those libraries which offer mostly free solutions covering a wide range of topics.

Visual Icon Fonts options

Select which icon font set you want to use

What Is Visual Icon Fonts?

Visual Icon Fonts is a plugin equipped with the simple visual editor and tools. It offers you hundreds of Font Awesome 4 icons you can customize in accordance with your needs. Size, color or drop shadow included.

While designing your website, you certainly have your own preferences that match the best a general aesthetic.

To keep the design clean, simple, and comprehensive, pay attention to the Visual Icon Fonts as they are nothing less than an integral part of the whole. Drop into the visual editor to peruse the icons, click on one of your choices, and it becomes visible in the content.

You can start all adjustments right away. To change icon colors or CSS effects in no time, you can use embedded vector icons – genericons. Take a closer look and see for yourself that every need for icons of a blog or simple website has been covered.

Features of WordPress Visual Icon Fonts

Visual Icon Fonts plugin for WordPress features multiple options regarding the selection of the icon font family according to your preferences and personal needs. The selection is to be done in the visual editor window that enables quick search and instant filter. It spares you time to get what you want as fast as possible.

You can see all the icons displayed in the visual editor on the right side and then access the further adjustment. Besides the size and color, you can intervene by all other text elements. A wide range of icon fonts has been included in WordPress visual icon fonts plugin. The editor offers you only the simple icon font tools, from the quick selection of the preferred icon family to the size, color, and text adjustments.

Visual Icon Fonts in WordPress Editor

Choose an icon an insert it anywhere in the text

The consistent look of icon fonts comes as a result of a prudent design and experience in illustrating icons. Font Awesome has an almost infinite offer of several thousands of icons in three original styles. It will be easy to find what you are looking for since they are divided into categories, from sport and vehicles to hands and brands.

By using Visual Icon Fonts plugin, there is no need to combine missing icons from multiple sets. The great advantage is that this open source software has been constantly upgraded with features that come as a result of users’ requests.

How Does It Work?

A lot of images and symbols on your website might slow it down, but it is to be avoided by using WordPress Visual Icon Fonts plugin. Its main purpose is to enable you to add icon fonts without slowing the website down.

In comparison to traditional images, icon fonts have several advantages. They can be adjusted to any size and preserve the high quality since they are vector images. At the time when responsive web design becomes more and more important, the opportunity to manipulate with size, colors, rotation, and drop-shadows is significant.

Visual Icon Fonts size and color variation

You can easily select a different size and change the color of the icon

Many symbols can be stored inside a single file while page weight remains almost unchanged. Consequently, the page load time will not change either, especially if you use only those visual icon fonts you really need. You can add icon fonts to your WordPress website in two different ways, manually or by using a plugin. In the first case, some simple coding will be necessary, while in the other, more popular solution, you simply need to install WordPress visual icon fonts plugin, activate it, and configure its settings to fit the purpose best.

Costs, Caveats, Etc.

Every website needs symbols, icons, and pictograms to stand as an alternative to image files. Compared to the classic images, they are easy to be customized in accordance with personal preferences and needs. Besides the fact that you can use icon fonts like any other font, there is also the advantage of being freely available.

Visual Icon Fonts plugin is an open source user-friendly software. Not only that you will be able to add the icons to your websites fastest possible, but your visitors and readers will enjoy the same quality on every screen.

With the appearance of retina screens, this used to be a problem, but it is not an issue anymore. The plugin is also supported by all modern browsers. You can work and display icon fonts in your preferred browser, and do not worry about the pixel or font-size.

Pixel-perfect rendering is guaranteed all along with the basic styling or more powerful transformations. If you tend to absolute precision, do the changes on a granular scale. The point is, you can manage and use icon fonts your way and take every advantage of the Visual Icon Fonts plugin. At no terms, it would be difficult. Just on the contrary, this user-friendly open source software will in short launch your website towards the more responsive web design. It is not only about how appealing the website looks like but how functional and comprehensive it is for everyday users on multiple devices.