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The best and most reliable WordPress plugins


Google Typography

A straightforward and easy-to-use plugin that gives you all the fonts you need to keep your website polished and your visitors happy to read what you have to say.



Search Console for WordPress

Quickly add the verification code of Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tools) to your WordPress site and display Clicks, Posistions, CTR and Impressions from the most popular search engine.



Ultimate Blocks – Custom Gutenberg Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a free WordPress plugin that will enhance your site with a collection of 16 Gutenberg blocks that are designed specifically for bloggers and marketers.



Call Now Button

This free WordPress plugin allows you to place a simple button (click-to-call) to the bottom of the screen which is only available for users who are loading the site on their smartphones and tablets. Instead of searching for contact info, those users will be able to give you a call just by tapping the button.


Android App Development 101: How to Make Your Idea a Stunning Reality

Have you always been interested in Android app development and want to get into making apps yourself? Here's a handy guide to help you get started.



WP Performance

By adding a variety of performance tweaks to your WordPress site, the free WP Performance plugin will speed up your site. It combines several plugins into one and can help beginners to optimize their blogs.



WP Htaccess Editor

Even if you're not a developer, you will probably have to make modifications to .htaccess file every now and then. This plugin makes it easy for you - edit .htaccess via WordPress admin, and let it create backups so you don't have to worry about what will happen if you make a mistake.

Admin, Developer


Nifty Coming Soon, Under Construction & Maintenance Page

Effortlessly launch Maintenance or Coming Soon page with this plugin to keep your website available to your customers while you are working on it.



Visual Icon Fonts

Open your visual editor in WordPress, select from a variety of icon fonts and start using them in your blog posts. No coding knowledge required - simply click on the icon you want and it will appear on the spot you selected!




Simple to use yet effective redirect manager, the Redirection plugin helps you gain all the benefits that guiding your traffic to where you want it can bring your website and business.



Icons Factory

This free design editor allows you to create, stylize, and animate icons, stickers, post images and other scalable graphics. Once happy with the visuals, you can use them anywhere on your WordPress blog and beyond.



WordPress Charts

Adding graphs and charts to your website has never been easier with WordPress Charts plugin. Currently, you can pick from line, bar, pie, radar, polar area and doughnut types and easily insert them into your posts & pages.