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The best and most reliable WordPress plugins


Debug Bar

Places a button in your admin bar that gives you troubleshooting information for each page that you are on, including PHP Errors, SQL queries, HTTP Requests and a full server rundown. Develop WordPress sites faster and more efficiently, with all of your debugging info in one place.



Quick Page/Post Redirect

Add redirects to your site, either on a post by post basis using a metabox provided at the bottom of your post editor, or using the Quick 301 Redirects feature for any page or directory. Global override options are also available and customizable.




Improves search automatically by building a more comprehensive index then WordPress out of the box. Options to customize what gets included in the index, caching options, and fine-tuned control, and works with existing search forms.

Navigation, Page, Premium


Editorial Calendar

Manage your posts using a calendar interface. Easily drag posts from one day to another, schedule your drafts and view all of your upcoming and past posts in a full page calendar layout.



Password Protected

Hide your entire WordPress site behind password protection. Any users visiting your site will be greeted by a login page which prompts them for a password that you specify.



Smooth Scroll Up

Add a simple "Scroll to Top" button to the bottom right of every one of your posts. There are three styles to chose from, and everything is kept very lightweight. Typography and colors are inherited from your theme styles.



Front-end Editor

Edit your post without every having to go to the back-end. While browsing your site, this plugin will enable a small "Edit" button next to your post that will open a WYSIWYG editor inline, in the front-end of your post.

Admin, Editing


Easy Digital Downloads

Sell Digital goods on your WordPress site with the ability to set up multiple payment gateways, bundle together multiple files, and track order and download history.

Commerce, Premium


WP To Twitter

Sync your WordPress site with the Twitter API and customize which posts should be automatically tweeted to your account. Control the content of your tweets, and change settings on a post to post basis with a built-in meta box in your post editor.

Admin, Premium, Social Media


Better WP Security

Gives you a list of security tweaks that you can make for your website in a variety of different categories. Also performs regular database backups in case the worst happens and you need to restore everything.

Premium, Security


Contextual Related Posts

Add related posts to the bottom of your pages, which are based on post title and post content rather then just categories and tags. You can chose which post types to add to, customize the output, or implement the plugin manually.

Admin, Page


Regenerate Thumbnails

Generate new thumbnails when new image sizes are added to your WordPress theme. You can regenerate all of your thumbnails at once, or chose just a few, or even just one image using the Media Library.

Admin, Media