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Free Duplicate Menu

Duplicate Menu

Plugin Author: Jonathan Christopher

Martina Orsolic

September 3, 2020


I really love creating sites on WordPress, especially when I have new plugins to play with and try to use them in order to create a much better and more engaging site. The entire process of creating a site is actually quite fun to me and it’s not because I’m “good” at it but because I enjoy it a lot.

Well, they can’t go around and fix all of the problems and the lack of some features but that is where plugins come into play.

I have so many plugins installed on WordPress that I have simply lost count. I’m not saying that these plugins are large or that they change the entire way you use WordPress, but rather I have a whole load of small plugins that add or change one thing that makes my life a whole lot easier.

One such small plugin is Duplicate Menu by Jonathan Christopher.

What is Duplicate Menu Anyway

Well, as the name implies it is a plugin that allows you to duplicate your menus as many times as you want. This is very handy when you want to play around with your menus without the risk of messing them up beyond repair.

The problem with the current menus in WordPress is that when you change something up or make some big changes to the menu, you cannot go back to the previous version if you do not like how the menu turned out.

And this is a major flaw because you want to experiment with different aspects and try to implement new ideas into your menu design.

With this plugin, you can duplicate the menu as many times as you want and then you can play around with it in order to see what works and what doesn’t. It gives you much more room for experimentation.

What Are the Features of Duplicate Menu

Well, to be frank, there aren’t many features because this plugin does only one thing and that is duplicate the menus that you already have on your site.

The other thing which I think qualifies as a feature is that every duplication which you create retains the original menu’s form, functionality, and its, let’s say, “programming”.

How to Install and Use Duplicate Menu

First of all, you have to download and install the plugin before you are able to use it. So simply download and install it as you would any other WordPress plugin or alternately you could go and use the “Automatic Installation”.

Duplicate menu installation

After you have successfully installed the plugin, you can go ahead and activate it in the Plugins tab of your admin panel. And now that you have activated the plugin you can finally start using it.

In your dashboard under Appearances, you will find the Duplicate Menu tab. Once there, you will be able to decide which menu you wish to duplicate and how you wish to call the duplicated menu.

Duplicate Menu usage

And that is about it. You can create any number of duplications, name them however you want, and change up how each one of them functions.

Costs, Caveats, Etc.

So, the plugin is completely free for you to use. Besides that, it is easy to use and it is straightforward without the need for any additional programming of any sort.

It was last updated 9 months ago from the time that I am writing this review and quite frankly I don’t know what more there is to add. If you have any problems or questions someone from the support team will surely help you out in fixing any potential issues that may arise.

To conclude, the plugin works just fine, and it is a great addition to my vast library of useful plugins that I have installed. It is simple to use and it gets the job done without any fuss whatsoever.

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