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Freemium Security Ninja

Security Ninja

Plugin Author: WebFactory

Jordan Quinn-Farkas

January 2, 2019 (modified on October 7, 2019)


The Security Ninja WordPress plugin by WebFactory Ltd is a free security plugin that helps keep your website safe and secure. Security Ninja offers protection to WordPress users by means of security scans, tests, and other state-of-the-art security features.

Each plugin has significant advantages and disadvantages, choosing the best one for your specific needs is challenging. And with such an oversaturated WordPress security plugin market, finding the most trusted one for your website is no easy task.

WordPress Security: Why Is It So Important Anyway?

Did you know that almost 30 percent of the websites online (in the whole world!) are powered by WordPress? Tens of millions of websites rely on WordPress for design, hosting, and many other fundamental aspects of their website or online business. That makes WordPress security a matter of importance to countless businesses, bloggers, individuals, and major organizations around the world by default.

WordPress security

WordPress security

Like any other platform that runs on open source code, WordPress is automatically vulnerable to occasional security threats. Furthermore, due to its core applications, as well as the copious amount of available plugins, WordPress is often open to even higher levels of vulnerability to security issues.

What does that spell for you, the WordPress user? The writing is on the wall; WordPress security is vitally important.

Cyber-security threats are real, they are far from rare in this day and age, and they can and will happen to you and your website if you are unprotected. That means if you run a business through WordPress or have a WordPress blog with readers, it is your responsibility to keep their information protected.

Keeping Your WordPress Secure

So how do you keep your WordPress site secure? First, you can make a few security adjustments on the WordPress admin dashboard for your website. Because WordPress works with open source code, you need to do some tweaking on your end to optimize your site’s security. Make sure that you have security features like SSL data encryption and file monitoring enabled, for beginners.

Just as each website’s design and functionality is unique, their security issues are unique as well. Additionally, you’ll want to take care when adding user accounts to your WordPress. Likewise, pay extra attention to any changes you make regarding administrative rights to your WordPress.

Security Ninja

Security Ninja has been protecting WordPress sites for more than 7 years

Aside from these few manual security adjustments, the best way to protect your WordPress site is by installing a trusted security plugin. The hard part is finding one that actually works for you and your website. However, we think we’ve finally tracked down the most reliable and well-trusted security plugin for WordPress around: Security Ninja by Web factory Ltd.

The Security Ninja WordPress Plugin

For the average site owner, there just isn’t much room in the budget for security. The Security Ninja WordPress plugin was built with this simple fact in mind. That’s how the plugin got its simple and streamlined design with its friendly and easy-to-use interface.

WordPress is a powerhouse platform, there is no question about it. Powering over 30 percent of the internet is no small chore. WordPress is definitely an impressive platform, no matter how you look at it. As a webmaster, blogger, or business owner, however, WordPress security is one common factor we are all concerned about. That is where the experts who created Security Ninja come in.

Security Ninja for WordPress

Let Security Ninja scan your site and find all the security threats

For many, concern for their website or online business’s security often comes all too late. That said, WordPress security is of the utmost importance for those who’re invested online because, unfortunately, with the growing trends of the modern digital world, security threats are not going away any time soon. Again, Security Ninja has you covered.

Security shouldn’t be complicated

These security threats are enough to make your head spin. Especially when you’re not trained in computer science or happen to build rocket ships for NASA or SPACE-X for a living.

So, let’s be real for a moment. If changing your password once a month is a challenge, how much of a chance do you have at thwarting cyber-experts bound and determined to hi-jack information from your unprotect website? Not a very big one. But wait… there is a solution! Hundreds of applications, programs, and plugins exist that work hand-in-hand with WordPress. The real question is, how do you know which one is right for you?

Security shouldn't be complicated

Security shouldn’t be complicated

The Security Ninja WordPress security plugin is created by WebFactory Ltd, a well-known and trusted developing outfit with a major focus on WordPress. The company has created and provides support to everything from custom website themes and countless special projects, to hundreds of plugins, all centered around WordPress. A quick search of WebFactory Ltd will yield a wealth of results on WordPress and CodeCanyon for those unfamiliar with their work.

Security Ninja is one of the most successful plugins to-date from WebFactory Ltd. For nearly eight years and counting, the WordPress plugin has protected site owners from fraud, data theft, and other threats to security.

When you take a look at the list of benefits offered by this impressive WordPress security plugin it is no wonder why it has become a favorite with site owners!

Benefits of Security Ninja in Comparison to Other WordPress Plugins

While many favorite security plugins focus on a single aspect of a website’s vulnerabilities, Security Ninja has a multi-faceted approach to protecting WordPress sites. Here are just a few of the most significant benefits that you get when you use the Security Ninja security plugin with your WordPress.

  • The ability to perform a vast array of security tests with one click
  • Remain in complete control of your WordPress website at all times
  • Protection against any and all security breaches in your WordPress
  • Protection for your WordPress website, including database optimization
  • Automatic configuration and debugging of numerous WordPress modes and tests
  • Password protection against the latest brute-force password jacking technologies

Security Ninja Free Version vs. Security Ninja Pro Version

Security Ninja for WordPress comes in two versions, a free version, and the pro version. Like with any application or plugin with both free and paid versions, there are some pros and cons to each version.

The Free Version

Security Ninja free

Free version of Security Ninja can be downloaded from

As with many free applications and plugins, the free version of Security Ninja comes with all of the basic features, minus the bells and whistles. This version of the plugin will conduct dozens of security tests, run scans, perform checks for holes in site security, monitor multiple sites, and much more all from one dashboard.

What does that really mean for you, the site owner? It means that this version of the plugin comes with the most fundamental security features for your WordPress, at absolutely no cost to you. In other words, if you have a non-existent budget for website security, the free Security Ninja plugin is an excellent choice for protecting your WordPress.

The Pro Version

It goes almost without saying that the paid version of Security Ninja comes with way more feature than the free version. Not only do you get the basics like scanning, and testing, but you get more advanced protection as well as full access to all seven modes of Security Ninja’s security plugin as well.

Core Scanner

Security Ninja Core Scanner

Security Ninja Core Scanner

The Core Scanner allows you to scan your WordPress with a single click. You will quickly and easily find and identify current and potential security problems. In addition, the Core Scanner allows you to restore, remove, repair, and modify files as needed to optimize your WordPress security. The Core Scanner feature has an easy-to-read GUI and will receive auto-updates with no extra effort on your part.

Malware Scanner

Security Ninja Core Scanner

Security Ninja Core Scanner

The built-in Malware Scanner is another of Security Ninja’s main components for identifying issues with your WP. This feature allows you to scan all of your WP theme and plugin files, multiple DB table scanning options, numerous tests, and much more. The Malware Scanner is perfect for users with larger than average WordPress installations and databases.

Auto Fixer

Security Ninja’s Auto Fixer mode is capable of finding and fixing over 30 issues. With the click of a single button, Auto Fixer will quickly secure your WP site without spending hundreds of dollars paying a specialist to modify your site’s PHP code. Auto Fixer includes detailed reports on everything it fixes and comes with a user-friendly GUI.

Cloud Firewall

The Cloud Firewall is one of the WP site owners best friends. This mode of the security plugin is designed to stop the bad guys before they are able to get their hands on your site’s data. Once the plugin is installed, and the Cloud Firewall gets to work, your WordPress is automatically protected from brute-force attackers and password and identity theft. Also, the Cloud Firewall has an automatically updated database of millions of banned IPs from known security threats.

Events Logger

Security Ninja Events Logger

Security Ninja Events Logger

The Events Logger was hands down one of the coolest modes of Security Ninja to us. We loved the ability to monitor every little thing happening on our WP sites. This feature is particularly useful for those who work with teams on several WP sites. That way, you can track everyone’s productivity, as well as keep an eye on security and have the ability to recognize and resolve issues based on evidence clearly shown by the logger. Furthermore, the Events Logger is compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins.

Database Optimizer

Security Ninja Database Optimizer

Security Ninja Database Optimizer

Another excellent mode of the Security Ninja WordPress security plugin is its Database Optimizer. If you work with WordPress databases, you already know how much large databases slow your site down. With the Database Optimizer, your site’s database-related performance is boosted with the click of a button.

The optimizer not just optimizes your database tables, it also removes all the trash, spam, drafts, pings, tracking, and other unnecessary files. For those running multiple sites, or have gigantic audiences, this feature will vastly improve your sites overall performance while raising its level of security at the same time.

Scheduled Scanner

Security Ninja Scheduled Scanner

Last but not least, the Scheduled Scanner is one of the Security Ninja plugins most beneficial modes. As the name suggests, the mode allows you to schedule a number of security scans, tests, and reports to stay on top of your site’s level of safety. You can choose to view reports manually or automatically receive them straight into your email.

You’ll also receive alerts whenever someone has tried to hack your WP password, steal your WP data, or otherwise breach your WP security. It is super easy to use, even a complete technological newbie could figure out how to schedule security scans for their WordPress.

How We Reviewed the Security Ninja WordPress Plugin by Web Factory Ltd

To bring you the most up-to-date and accurate review of the Security Nina plugin for WordPress, we began by scouring the internet for every last review, rating, opinion, compliment and complaint that we could find regarding the app. Next, we got personal by downloading and installing the plugin for ourselves. After several spending a fair amount of time accessing various aspects of the plugin, we’re confident in our ability to provide the most honest and reliable review of the Security Ninja WordPress plugin by Web Factory Ltd on the internet!

What Other People Are Saying About the Plugin

  • Daren Low: “Security Ninja has helped me tighten up the security of my websites, and alerted me to some holes I would never have found on my own. I’d recommend it to all website owners, especially if you don’t like to bother with the technical stuff! It’s simple, easy, and fast.” – via
  • Sulav Sapkota: “Security Ninja is an absolute beast of a plugin!” – via
  • Jerome Bernard: “Every test is explained, documented and instructions provided on how to fix problems. So quickly!” via @jeromebernard on

The biggest advantage of Security Ninja that jumps out at me after testing out the plugin is an obvious one; the easy-to-use GUI. The interface is simple, color-coded, and extremely beginner friendly. At the same time, it is loaded with automatic-advanced features so you don’t need to go through a major learning curve in setting up your new WP security plugin.

Other significant pros of the plugin include its impressive interface and a high number of advanced tests, scans, and automatic options.

A Final Word About Security Ninja and WordPress Site Security

After installing, testing, and putting Security Ninja to work, we found the plugin to be all that it claims and more. Here is what we found. With Security Ninja, you’re able to perform over four dozen security actions with the single click of a button. Not only does the plugin give you complete control over your site’s security, but it also allows you peace of mind just knowing that your WP is safe and secure. And all of this from literally no effort on your part aside for a couple of clicks of a button.

Do you currently use Security Ninja? How does it work for you and your WP? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments section below!

Want to know more about this WordPress security plugin? Test Security Ninja for free!

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