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Free Mini Newsletter

Please read! This plugin has not been updated in over 6 months. It may no longer be maintained or supported. There may be compatibility issues when used with the latest version of WordPress. We suggest finding a similar, alternative plugin. Learn more about outdated plugins.

Mini Newsletter

Plugin Author: Sibbir Ahmed

Vallery Henings

September 20, 2019 (modified on May 21, 2020)


Trying to sell more? Have you tried facebook posts, Instagram likes, or even guerilla marketing? It probably wasn’t as fruitful as you imagined it to be, and your sales probably didn’t skyrocket.

This might come as a surprise. Who uses emails to target people anyway anymore? Apparently, people still do, and people still react to it, so you might consider jumping on the bandwagon. Doing so will give you the results you need. Regardless of whether you need users to sign up or buy something from your online store. Actually, the emails are fundamental especially if you own an eCommerce store.

You need to establish a conversation with your customers. Start by simply saying: “Hi, thank you for joining”. Then send them a newsletter with your latest post. After that, an email promoting your product lands in their inbox.

Don’t worry; it won’t be fruitless: you will notice positive results rather quickly.

How to do it?

Getting started with a newsletter is no hassle if you have the right tools. We know, manually typing email addresses and retyping new posts to be sent to your potential customers is a recipe for a headache. Getting software to do it for you can prove expensive. It is no wonder that it is yet to become used by everyone.

Still, if you have a website on WordPress, you could use a plugin, of course. And there is a perfect one that will enable you to chit-chat through email with your customers. It is called Mini Newsletter, but it has all the options you would need to get more sales.

What is the Mini Newsletter plugin?

Mini Newsletter

Mini Newsletter is a WordPress plugin that will help you establish your newsletter in no time, without too much fluff and bling. If you are looking to reach out to your subscribers, without paying an arm and a leg, then it could be the solution you need.

What are the features of the Mini Newsletter?

Unlike some other plugins we’ve covered on our blog, this one has just a few. Carefully selected to get the job done, within only three tabs, you will be able to find all the features you need.

A shortcode for the subscription form

There is no point in thinking about emailing your subscribers if you don’t have any in the first place. You need a subscription form, and this plugin will provide you with one. All you have to do is copy and paste the ( [newsletter_form] ) shortcode. The plugin will do the rest.

Figure the subscription form out

The subscription form is not all predefined. You can twist and tweak the words on it to ensure that the right copy will have people leaving their email address.

Frontend Newsletter Form Settings

Edit the title and the text presented to your visitors. You also want to make a custom message for successful registration, or if email already exists in your database.

Email Header

Next, you should move on to setting up your email header. You know, your name and mail address that will be presented to your subscribers on top of the newsletter.

Email Header

The plugin will try to guess it by itself, using the information on your page. If you want to use another email address or a different name, just type it up! Make sure to add the address that ends with your domain name though.

Email list

The second tab is your email list. Here, you can effortlessly delete a subscriber if need be, or find a particular subscriber to email.

Send the emails

The third tab is the one you will be using the most, as this is where you will find the needed options for actually sending emails to your subscribers. Set up the recipient address, or add multiple ones you would like to email. Craft a catchy title for your new newsletter in the subject line.

To and Subject

Message them

Next, you should choose from a dropdown menu what you would like to send. You have a “Post” and “Custom Message” option.

If you choose “Custom Message option, you will be provided with the text editor to type it in. This option comes extremely handy if you want to let your subscribers in on what is new, or just for saying hi! Make sure the text you are sending is impeccable, though.

Custom Message

Email them the recent posts

If your posts are doing the talking for you, then choosing the “Post” option is the way to go. Keep your customers in the loop and reading what you wrote. If you got important updates or an article promoting your new product, then this option is the road to more sales.

Send recent posts

You can select up to ten latest posts to send within your newsletter to your customers. At the moment, there is only one template available, but considering that you have just started, not having one-too-many options is probably a good thing. The plugin author promised more templates soon, though!

Template for newsletter

Add the before and after posts messages, and hit send.

Costs, caveats, etc.

Probably the best aspect of this plugin, apart from its ease of use, is the fact that it comes for free. Since getting started with your newsletter is not cheap, both in time and money-wise, it will help you get the first subscribers and start the conversation with them.

So, why don’t you go ahead and install this practical plugin? There is nothing to lose, and many new sales to gain!

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