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Free How to Write Blog Posts That Outrank Competitors and Rarely Need Edits

How to Write Blog Posts That Outrank Competitors and Rarely Need Edits

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Antonia Zivcic

December 7, 2022 (modified on April 23, 2024)


It can be challenging to write blog posts, especially if you are just starting. When most people start blogging, they don’t even know where to begin or whether their audience will find what they write to be interesting.

What should they consider to rank the article on Google and make it appealing to readers at the same time? There are many different kinds of blogs, but regardless of the subject, a good blog post frequently has certain qualities.


The content’s quality and relevance to the target audience for your website are what matter most. This strategy necessitates fairly sophisticated SEO writing abilities. Writing original content is the first “pillar” of high-quality and SEO-optimized content. This article will teach you how to create blog posts that will interest your readers, outrank the competition, and eventually earn you money because most people start blogs to make money.

1. Choose the right topic

Pick a topic within your field of expertise that your readers will find interesting. You might still be concerned that you won’t have enough information for your text, regardless of the topic you pick.

If you started writing right away, you’d probably run into a problem you weren’t expecting: you’d have too much to say, and your text would be too long to publish and read! A specific topic within the chosen area of expertise will help you avoid this and make the text more interesting and readable.

2. Make the headline searchable

A catchy headline that will draw the reader in is one of the elements of a great blog post. No matter how well-written your article is, it won’t matter if you don’t have a catchy headline. The majority of the time, people using search engines to find information prefer clicking on interesting or enticing headlines to dull and repetitive ones.

Try to use search engine-friendly keywords in your content. You must comprehend the actual search terms used by your audience if you want to dominate the SERPs. The reader must be able to presume from the title’s few words what the article is about and how reading it will benefit him.

3. Plan ahead

You must write down the secondary facts and highlight the primary ones before creating your plan. They ought to be clear, logical, and consistent. These facts will subsequently be developed into plan points.

It is crucial to group all the information in the plan that has a similar meaning together in one paragraph rather than dispersing it throughout the text. Although developing a plan can seem like a protracted and challenging process, a structured draft is essentially a finished product.

At the end of your keyword research, you should have a list of all the relevant search terms that users might use. You can confidently start the draft by describing each item once the plan is complete. Work will be completed more quickly the more intricate the plan is. Journalists with experience can produce quality work in an hour, whereas novices may require several days.


4. Do research

The fact that professional bloggers don’t know everything is one of their biggest secrets. It is simply not possible to know everything, but that is why there is research, so this does not imply that bloggers are fake. In order to provide his readers with accurate and verified information, a blogger must conduct research on the subject before writing an article.

You don’t have to limit your blog posts to topics you know about and have experience with; you can write about anything that will be helpful to readers as long as you back it up with reliable facts. You can do this by doing research on reputable websites about the subject of your article.

5. Use concise paragraphs and sentences

The average person’s attention span is only 9 seconds when they are browsing the web. In other words, compared to reading from a book, people tend to be much more impatient when reading from a screen. Because of this, sentences and paragraphs must be succinct, straightforward, and direct. Utilizing numerous bulleted lists is another strategy for grabbing the reader’s attention.

In other words, try to use language that you already know well. Your article should become more personal as a result, and readers should become more invested in it because they will feel as though you are speaking directly to them. A well-organized text has chapters, headings, and subheadings. A clear structure is unquestionably advantageous.


Blogging is a very successful online business from which you can earn a good living. The key to blogging success has high-quality content that your readers will find interesting. You’re in for a successful blogging career if you adhere to the guidelines outlined above and make sure each of your articles contains the components we discussed today.