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Free Gramhir: The Best Instagram Analytics Tool for 2023?

Gramhir: The Best Instagram Analytics Tool for 2023?

Plugin Author:

Antonia Zivcic

February 6, 2023 (modified on February 20, 2024)

Social Media

Do you want to know not only your Instagram profile analytics but also those of other people?

You can improve your Instagram profile’s metrics and have a better understanding of how the platform as a whole functions for marketing by properly examining them. Therefore, now is the ideal time to become an analytics expert. It is obvious day by day that your business has to be there, with 25 million business profiles on the aforementioned network and more than 200 million users visiting one of the profiles at least once every day.

However, your participation on the Instagram platform may be insignificant if you have no idea who is seeing your profile or reading your posts, what the popularity of your posts and stories is, etc. Gramhir is one tool you need in 2023 to gather analytics from your Instagram profile, but also from others in your niche.

What is Gramhir

What is Gramhir?

Gramhir is a tool for examining and viewing Instagram profiles. It may be more familiar to you as an Instagram viewer. It is loved by many as it can be used without requiring registration. Its appeal stems from the ease with which you can access and examine data from open Instagram profiles. It enables you to access practically all of the data regarding the profiles of famous people, businesses, publications, and other prominent figures that interest you.


Gramhir Functions

Gramhir is both a browser and an Instagram analyzer. One of their most crucial advantages is that their algorithm enables you to examine the statistics of your own or another person’s Instagram profile. gives you access to the bill rate. It demonstrates the true level of an Instagram account’s popularity among other Instagram users. The statistics of well-known Instagram profiles are immediately visible when you go on Gramhir’s page.

The analysis tool is yet another fantastic feature. By entering a list of Instagram usernames, you may view a summary of their impressions, interactions, and post data. You can utilize Gramhir’s algorithm to examine your Instagram account’s statistics so that you can use it more effectively going forward. Additionally, it enables you to view your account rate, which displays the actual popularity of your Instagram account.

You can explore anyone’s public Instagram accounts anonymously with this analytics tool. In addition to the account, you can search for it by using hashtags. You will also have access to all information regarding posts, stories, followers, and destinations. With the help of this tool, you can post photos and videos.


Most influencers and famous people connect with their followers on Instagram by sharing details of their social lives. Businesses, marketers, brands, and bloggers want to know what kinds of pieces or stories work well for these featured people so they can incorporate them into their content strategy. This can greatly aid in your Instagram profile optimization and help you proceed in the right direction. This is where Gramhir does its job well. Online applications like Gramhir have made it much simpler to consult, analyze, and retrieve statistics from Instagram profiles.

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