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Free Compact WP Audio Player

Compact WP Audio Player

Plugin Author: Tips and Tricks HQ

Martina Orsolic

March 17, 2020


WordPress is the breeding ground for a whole lot of helpful plugins. You can virtually find any kind of plugin that can help you out in your website development. You can find plugins ranging from monstrosities that can change up your whole site to plugins that are small but have very powerful features.

When you are a site developer, then you are always on the lookout to find plugins that are simple, fast, and lite on your site, right? You can find a whole bunch of plugins that fit this description, and you would like to install them, but you notice that it has a couple of bad reviews.

Here I will present you with a plugin that people don’t understand what its purpose is. They think that it should do miracles, but it’s just a simple, lite, and very fast to setup plugin!

Compact WP Audio Player

Compact WP Audio Player is a very simple and lite plugin that does exactly as its name implies. With this plugin, you can add a simple audio player to any section of your site’s posts or pages.

Compact WP Audio Player

I personally find it quite useful, especially because I don’t have a need to put bazillion audio tracks on a page that have to be in some magical order. All I need it to do is to play when someone clicks on it, and that’s it!

Quick disclaimer!

I hope that you don’t want to install an audio player on your site for the sake of having background music on your site. This is a big problem for you because there are a couple of reasons why you should not want to do it. For starters, you don’t know every person’s taste in music (they will either love it or hate it).

Some people are casually browsing on the Internet during their work hours, and they stumble upon your site, and suddenly music starts blasting in the whole office. Let’s say that someone is listening to some quite Beethoven, and you suddenly kill the man with some hip hop beat out of nowhere.

Dear God

What are the features?

Not to mention that you also have the ability to make the audio file play the same second someone opens the page. This could be used to give background music to your site, but as I have already stated, do not do this.

Next up, you have the option to choose at which volume the audio will play. Sometimes the audio is much quieter than other audios, so you have to compensate by raising the volume. The same could be said if your audio file is too loud, then you would just simply lower the volume.

The last feature that you can add is the ability to make the audio file loop when it has finished (restart playing). This is good when you want the audio to just keep going.

It really is helpful when you are running a small blog, for example, and you want to add a simple short audio clip to that blog post. You can’t do all kinds of things with it, but it is fast and simple to set up, and that is the idea.

As far as compatibility is concerned, I did not find that it has any issues with any browser (if you find any problem, please let me know).

How to use Compact WP Audio Player

Well, first things first, you have to download and install the plugin. Once you have done that, then proceed to your settings and enable the plugin.

install compact audio

After all that, you will have the ability to add simple shortcodes to any of your pages with a simple “copy-paste”. You then add the audio clip that you want the player to play, and that’s it!


You can then add three more things if you so wish and they are:

  • What volume you want the audio to play at,
  • if you want the audio to play in a loop,
  • and if you want the audio to auto play when someone opens the page.

In Conclusion

Don’t pay so much attention to the people who say that the plugin is of no use. They don’t understand what the plugin’s purpose is. And that purpose is a quick and simple way of allowing you to add an audio file into your post or page.

They expect it to do miracles and this and that, but that is not what it is made for. If you are a DJ who has a site with a lot of audio files, then you could maybe opt for something more robust. But, if you are a simple blogger and web designer, then this plugin is the way to go!

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