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Tidy Repo

The best & most reliable WordPress plugins

Paid Plugin WP Maintenance

WP Maintenance

Maintenance is an awesome plugin that will help you a lot when you need to put your website in mainteanance mode or you need to create a temporary landing page.


What Does a Copywriter Do (and How Do I Become One)

Learn what a copywriter does and how you can become one


10 Tech Tools for Teachers to Engage Students in the Classroom

Contemporary teachers need to engage students more efficiently because they lose focus if they only listen and take notes


Organize content ideas and AI-generated keywords on digital whiteboards

If you are in the creative phase of your project, an effective way to put your ideas on paper is a digital whiteboard


Aggregate and show reviews as stars on Google

Today, reviews are very important because with them you can prove that you are a reliable seller of services or items on the market, and your potential customers will trust you more


Trust Swiftly: Best WooCommerce Fraud Prevention Plugin

What can WooCommerce store owners do to mitigate fraud risks while still maintaining an ‘easy to purchase from’ experience?


GIFs in Email Marketing: How to do it right!

GIFs play an important part in email marketing in today’s digital world. Learn about how it can add value to your emails


How to Find and Fix Mixed Content Warnings on HTTPS Sites

Mixed content can seriously damage your website’s stability and reputation. Learn how to find and fix mixed content warnings on HTTPS sites


Grab Your Reviews – build your online reputation

Discover a great tool that will help you collect reviews for your online business


7 Useful Websites for Students

Top 7 most useful sites students can use to achieve better results and higher academic performance


What is Business Intelligence and How Does it Work

The goal of business analytics is to understand every aspect of your business and how it works, like a living organism


What is an apk and how does it work?

Learn what is an apk, how it work and how you can use it on your Android smartphone