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What Does a Copywriter Do (and How Do I Become One)

What Does a Copywriter Do (and How Do I Become One)

Beatrice Stefanescu

November 30, 2022


Copywriters typically write with an agenda: the client’s agenda, which in turn reflects the demands of their audience. In addition to educating an audience or proving one’s knowledge, copywriting is done to advertise a product.

Companies employ written content in a variety of ways, especially in light of the rise of inbound marketing.

Copywriters must, therefore, be adaptable and quick learners. Copywriters frequently write under the client’s name, so this is a fact that a copywriter must learn to accept and respect.

A copywriter’s duties don’t only involve actual writing

  • The following are some examples of a copywriter’s roles and responsibilities:
  • Concept generation and creation for marketing and advertising campaigns, frequently in collaboration with a graphic designer
  • Writing copy for different media and forms
  • Presenting advertising and marketing campaign ideas to customers or management
  • Doing market research on goods, services, clients, website search patterns, rivals, and whole industries
  • Creating brand voices or modifying material to match a voice already in place
  • Campaign outcomes analysis to inform future copywriting tactics
  • Copywriters are responsible for accepting guidance from clients and modifying text through numerous versions until it is on target.

What type of writing do copywriters do?


These can be between 400 and 1500 words long. They tend to be more opinionated or casual, however, this varies from customer to client.

A White Paper

White papers are instructive, instructional publications. They describe the causes of a problem and potential solutions. They usually have a word count of 1,500 to 2,500. The white paper needs to be scientific and helpful, yet sometimes the answer will be connected to what the customer offers.


Email marketing is designed to arouse curiosity, spread awareness, and inspire people. To aid in converting leads into consumers, they must be crisp, attractive, and educational.

Postings on social media

Copywriting is also required for creating engaging social media posts.

Case analyses

These are firm articles that detail how a business assisted its clients. Case studies may have a formulaic format, but a skilled copywriter can uncover the narrative inside it.

Business reports

Copywriters occasionally need to write some intense reports. These are based on actual research that explains a certain problem, field, or trend.

How to become a copywriter?

There is no one way to become a copywriter, however, most job ads include at least a bachelor’s degree as a qualification for employment. The following degrees are some of the most useful for copywriters:

  • Marketing/Communications
  • English journalism and creative writing

Some companies may want copywriters with experience in highly specific areas (such as medical, pharmaceuticals, engineering, or technology) and strong writing abilities.

They are usually not necessary for copywriters, but certifications can help you enhance your skill set and make a strong impression on employers.


Even if your writing isn’t professional right now, it will help if you write constantly once you’re serious about pursuing copywriting as a career. When you prepare for your career as a copywriter, work to improve your writing abilities. As with other skills, writing becomes better with practice.

Strong writing abilities are therefore crucial, but soft skills also play a big role in this profession.