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How to Find and Fix Mixed Content Warnings on HTTPS Sites

How to Find and Fix Mixed Content Warnings on HTTPS Sites

Beatrice Stefanescu

November 3, 2022


Oftentimes people see running an online business as something radically different than standard in-person businesses. But the reality is that only the medium has changed. You still need to handle customers, keep your storefront tidy, and manage marketing.

And just like an in-person storefront, your profits will depend on how your store looks. Since your business is online, you won’t need to mop the floors, clean the windows, or wax counters. Instead, you’ll need to make sure there’s no mixed content on your website. Just as customers don’t enter filthy shops, so do they avoid websites riddled with errors.

Why is mixed content problematic and why should you fix it?

The keyword that’s important to remember with mixed content is security. Mixed content can seriously damage your website’s stability and reputation. As is commonly known the internet most often works with HTTPS and HTTP connections. HTTPS is the secure connection most websites desire and all search engines favor.

And while you can easily secure your own websites, keeping other resources secure can be risky. External images, videos, and scripts can affect your pages and create an error. This error then breaks the page, resulting in a mixed content error. That’s why mixed content is a problem. It breaks your pages as it tries to load unsafe connections over already secured ones.

It’s important to fix mixed content errors as they degrade the performance of your websites, and can lead to errors that might endanger your customers.

This is especially important for eCommerce businesses that handle people’s money. Nothing makes people more paranoid than putting in credit card information online just to end up with an error. Even if you’re just running a blog having pages that create errors can seriously damage your standing with search engines. And that’s the bread and butter of online success.

How to quickly find and fix mixed content?

Now that it’s evident how mixed content harms websites, you’ll need a way to find it. By finding it quickly and efficiently you’re reducing the risk to your profits. The best way to find and fix mixed content is with WP Force SSL. With its powerful mixed content scanner, you’ll be able to pinpoint mixed content in minutes. All you have to do is press the scanner button and let the plugin work.

Finding mixed content eros manually can take hours if not days, depending on the size of your website so having a plugin that can quickly scan it is a must. After the content scanner finishes its investigations it’ll present you with a list of at-risk posts and pages.

These pages are affected by mixed content errors and you’ll have to fix them. WP Force SSL presents you with precisely where those errors are so that you can quickly fix them.

Fixing these issues is the least of your problems. That’s because the hardest part of dealing with mixed content errors is actually finding them. When you’re just starting out it’s definitely easier, as you have fewer posts and pages to go through.

But if you’re running a fully established website you’d have thousands of pages to skim through. This plugin allows you to focus on other important aspects of running a website all while it scans for mixed content in the background.

And after you’ve fixed your website it’ll even automatically track your new content. That way you won’t be introducing any new mixed content into your site.

The most important thing when looking for a tool that can fix mixed content errors is consistency. You don’t need a tool that will give you everything apart from the solution. You need a solution to your problem, and the quickest solution is WP Force SSL.