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Aggregate and show reviews as stars on Google

Aggregate and show reviews as stars on Google

Beatrice Stefanescu

November 13, 2022


Today, reviews are very important because with them you can prove that you are a reliable seller of services or items on the market, and your potential customers will trust you more. Those reviews often highlight whatever makes your items distinguishable from other competitors and it assists you in establishing a sense of loyalty. But one problem you will run into is that many users do not feel like reading a lot of text to see how trustworthy you really are. Because of this, we want to give you one way to visualize your rating.

What is Add Stars?

Add Stars is a service that will give you the opportunity to add reviews to your product or services if your customers are eager to do so. You can also add reviews to your service or product reviews page. So, you should never give up on increasing your reviews, especially when people trust what you sell and want to get more details about it. We are sure that the name of this tool alone says a lot about what this tool does.

It helps you rank your reviews on Google. On this tool, you can not only see how many reviews you have and how much they are worth, but you can also rank your reviews. So, by simply picking any specific review, you can have it scored. It is that easy.

Why use Add Stars?

We hope that it is clear to you that you need to highlight your products and services from the competition and that you can do this by collecting reviews anywhere on Google’s websites, and that such reviews should be good. If your visitors are not aware of other people’s reviews, especially if you have a large number of positive ones, then such reviews are not really useful to you, right?

And that’s where this Add Stars tool comes in because it offers you the most effective technique of informing your visitors and increases the chance of them becoming customers. Reviews help businesses increase their internet exposure and reputation, which in turn attracts more new visitors and keeps them as customers.

Having a lot of reviews seems to boost the trustworthiness of your website and reduce the influence that bad reviews have on customers. You can do all this without any knowledge of coding! It is an incredible tool!


So, what are you waiting for? We are sure that you now understand why you need Add Stars and why you should use it right now. It will improve your business and make your customers more trusting of you.

With this tool, you will gain access to a piece of information where you can rank the most important reviews on Google and make them stand out. In the blink of an eye, you can fix your situation and start moving forward immediately, because if you have loyal customers, you will have a greater reach for new ones.