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Free 4 Places You Should Be Sharing Your Content

4 Places You Should Be Sharing Your Content

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Beatrice Stefanescu

October 8, 2022


Nobody wants to spend time creating content that has little or no interest. If you want to have your visitors further distribute and share your original content you need to make sure of one thing first – consistency. Regular posting requires hard work and dedication, but truth be told there are some myths about effective blogging or posting. Namely, there is a misconception present regarding reach and visibility.

Many believe that actual content stands for about one-fourth of the views, while the majority of the effectiveness of the blog posts comes from sharing and further dissemination. Up to 80%. Let’s keep it real – if you want your content to be among the most desired posts you need to make sure you post high-quality content that will attract, engage and keep visitors.

Nowadays there are plenty of platforms that you can use to put yo your content and get more views. You must have heard about the most popular ones like Reddit, or which we will discuss among the others in this article.

Websites that accept guest posts

First and foremost let’s get clear on what guest posting is. A guest post refers to an article by an external writer, which is published on the web with no payment. Traditionally, guest writers adjust their style of writing to the style that is currently present on a particular webpage. Also, the content has to be related to the topics that the website covers generally.

For example, a post on dog training is unlikely to get the attention of the audience of a website dedicated to artificial intelligence software. On the other hand, a post that is within the topics generally covered by the host website is more likely to get attention from an already established audience and AI fans. In terms of blogging, the things that are highly appreciated are moderation and professionalism.

Website Data

If you found a website that accepts guest posts, you should make sure that your writing brings quality to the relevant or given topic.┬áThis is also a great way of promoting the brand of the author since it is a win-win situation. For the host, good quality blogs will entertain the existing audience that is within the website’s niche.

On the other side, the guest author gets the credit and reaches out to more people which can turn into fans and followers depending on the post quality. When deciding to involve in guest writing or posting, one should seek the sites that deliver the content of your interest or something you are passionate about. That is the only way that guarantees the host that you will deliver high-quality original content.

That can also be appealing to other websites that cover similar themes and topics, so as a guest writer you can get some new writing offers unexpectedly. Once you establish contact with the site owner, the first thing you should do is ask to work on the content that is within your area of expertise. By using this method, you are very likely to increase traffic and optimize visibility on search engines. Here is a list of blogs that welcomes guest posting:


Besides websites that accept guest posting, there are numerous social media networks and online communities that are used to spread the word or share content. One of the most popular is Reddit, an American social news website that allows its users to pursue their interests and even ignite a discussion on the content. The users can submit various content formats, such as links, text, pictures, etc.

The content is further subjected to voting up and down by the other members, which still works as interaction with the visitors, and your chances of getting more views and attention are higher.


Mix is yet another platform that allows its users to link up based on their interests, creativity, and personalized recommendation. It appears as a modern and at least saying interesting way of discovering the best content creators around the globe.

That can serve as a legit inspiration too. Moreover, Mix is well-known in the world of bloggers since they use it to increase traffic and get the attention they desire. Original content makers appreciate this platform because it allows them to reach things that matter to them the most. It works well with other platforms such as Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc.


Another platform for the discovery of unique and great content in the form of pictures is Pinterest. It is a platform focused on the exchange of visual media, such as photographs. The idea was to create a platform that will replace the physical catalogs that contained product descriptions with images. As one of the most popular networks in the world, Pinterest now counts over 88 million users.

It is just a social website where the users can find, collect or even upload their interesting content in the form of a photo.



Promotion strategy is a key part of any online business, especially if we talk about original content and the networks that allow posting. First to mind are usually social media networks, but there are other and even more efficient ways to get your work closer to a new audience. What we warmly recommend are the websites that allow guest posting.

Guest posting turned out to be a win-win situation for both the website owner and the guest writer. The owner gets free high-quality content while the author increases the credibility of the work and reaches out to new masses.