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Plugin Author: JS Morisset

Sanjeev Mohindra

July 23, 2018 (modified on October 8, 2019)


One of the toughest thing in today’s market is content marketing. If you expect users to find content on their own, it might never happen. You need to make sure that you are not only doing content marketing but also content redistribution.

The times where you create content and let the audience come to it are gone. Nowadays you need to find where your audience is and take your content to them.

There are numerous content curation platforms which allow the reader to consume the content. On top of that, most people use their smartphones and laptops to consume content. This is where the App economy is booming and connecting people.


One of the key components for any mobile app is site access. The easiest way to create an app is taking a browser element and open the website in it. The drawback is an app which is not optimized for the native platform and has limited usability.

If you want to access native functionality and would like to increase usability, you need to expose your content via the REST API. An API turns your sites into a data source, providing content and its details in a universal format, which can be displayed in numerous ways. Both by you in a mobile app, and by other developers in apps and platforms of their choice.

You can connect to WordPress REST API and design your app according to the data presented in it. The problem is that WordPress REST API is basic. It provides the content and other basic information but misses many of the key components like meta tags, third-party scripts, etc. This is where WPSSO REST API plugin comes to rescue.


It is an addon to the WPSSO Core WordPress Plugin and enhances the REST API output by adding additional components in the output. You can use these additional components to add third-party functionality to your app like social networking etc.


You have to install WPSSO Core WordPress Plugin before installing and activating this plugin. It adds 3 additional component to your REST API output:

  • HTML Meta Tags
  • JSON for Scripts
  • Mata Tag Attributes

All of these will be added to the head of the JSON output which will be returned for your REST API call. As the plugin functionality is very specific, there is no settings screen or anything else. Once you install and activate the plugin, it will start adding data to REST API output.

You can’t make any changes on the WordPress dashboard, but if you want to remove some information, you can skip it in your app. Just read the API output and take whatever information is needed while skipping the one not required by your app.

If you want to programmatically share more info about your site and posts via the REST API give WPSSO REST API a try. Whether it’s sharing data with 3rd parties or integrating it into your mobile apps, the additional meta-data will be more than welcome.

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