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Free WP Shortcode Control

Please read! This plugin is no longer available for download in the WordPress plugin repository. We suggest finding a similar, alternative plugin. We don't know the reason why the plugin is no longer available. Sometimes the author requests the removal, and sometimes it's removed by the repo administrators.

WP Shortcode Control

Plugin Author: Rarus

Vallery Henings

November 27, 2018


Some people avoid shortcodes thinking of how complicated they might be. The truth is just the opposite. Instead of investing a lot of time and effort to arrange all the necessary stuff on your blog post or website, try to make it as simple as possible. Shortcodes are not the long lines you have to tap every time you want to import some predefined content.

No, not at all. They are shortcuts that enable you to achieve outstanding results with less effort, in no time. The average website consists of text and images, video or audio recordings, and the list of functions such are contact forms or call-to-action buttons.

Built-in shortcodes are great, but you have more than one option how to empower your website with shortcodes. If you want, create one from scratch or use a plugin. The website will become more functional and your daily tasks much easier.

WP Shortcode Control is Right-hand Assistant

So far so good, but what if you use many shortcodes? You might get in trouble to manage and operate them properly. Allow WP Shortcode Control plugin to be your right-hand assistant. The efficiency with every type of shortcodes is 100%, and the list of what it does is almost endless. Replacing the content, changing shortcodes partially or deactivate them when no longer needed are only a few features of this plugin.

WP Shortcode Control

WP Shortcode Control

Developers among you can optimize the code in an extendable working environment and in accordance with the specific needs. The “tool” menu is a part of the WP Admin navigation menu. Find WP Shortcode Control there and after you have activated it, you can lean on the plugin tour to show you how to use it fast and smoothly.

Herewith, the average user gets a chance to act as editor and manipulate dynamic content without specific programming skills. This is a handy way to transform the shortcodes already in use into the more flexible ones. Change parameters, order them, and add to the functionality of the post in accordance with your needs. It will take the whole blog one step up.

Take Control Over the Content

The output of the shortcodes is not given once and for all. It could be changed and adjusted over time along with the other changes on your posts and pages. Some of them you will not need after a while, you might wish to disable the shortcode completely or to change the content partially.

What WP Shortcode Control does is that it allows you to edit and manage any shortcode from your list. Just think how much time it will take to edit one by one and do the necessary adjustments!

Deactivation of a shortcode without touching it manually is quite an advantage. By building your blog, you arrange carefully what content the shortcode will contain to improve the overall quality of the website. As the number of the posts grows, grows the website itself, and after a period of time, the content of the shortcode might become inappropriate.

With the WP Shortcode Control, you are the one who has control over the content, and who conducts what is to be seen on the display. Different posts and pages could have some specific requirements you can respond to by using the conditional logic of the plugin.

WP Shortcode Control

WP Shortcode Control

Standard and Additional Features

If you are dealing with multiple contents in your shortcode, you can replace them all at once. Custom attributes have been supported by WP Shortcode Control plugin. Moreover, they are to be applied globally which certainly spares you precious time. It is all about improving performance with less effort and in no time. Thanks to the optimized settings, it is quite a simple thing to do.

To import and export the shortcodes, you will use a single click instead of several commands. Translations are deactivated by default. If needed, just press the button to activate them. Although a lot of features may seem confusing, the smooth start is guaranteed.

The optimized information hides in API, and you can choose what suits you best. It is hardly possible to have some difficulties while using WP Shortcode Control, but in case it happens, you have the ‘Error Handling’ at your disposal. This button is normally inactive. Activate it manually to check your debug.log file and see possible mistakes. Consider it as an additional feature you probably will never use.

Three Main Goals to Achieve

To keep everything in order, use a ‘Backend and a Frontend’ button to crawl the list with shortcodes. It is easy to see what shortcodes you no longer need and simply shut the buttons down. As soon as you get introduced to WP Shortcodes Control, you will see for yourself that we have not exaggerated its features.

This plugin has been designed with three main goals on mind. The first is to encourage you to use shortcodes as much as you want and need, the second to keep them operational at their best, and the third and most important to spare your time and effort in the everyday struggle to preserve the blog up-to-date, interesting, and attention-grabbing.

WP Shortcodes Control might become a powerful associate in ruling the market, presenting your content, connecting you to social networks and all kinds of stuff the shortcodes can do. Admit that you can not do it all on your own and try the plugin that does all the work easier and faster. Use the rest of time for all other things that need to be done. In the end, there is a magical button ’Remove Plugin Data on Deactivation’. Check it and deactivate the plugin to get rid of the entries to databases completely.