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SEO Booster

Plugin Author: cleverplugins

Milica Belosh

October 21, 2019 (modified on October 22, 2019)


Whether you are full-on WordPress wiz with a ton of experience, or a newbie trying to find your way in the online jungle, you probably wouldn’t say “no” to more search visibility.

Let me rephrase that – you have to have a stellar, extraordinary, best of the best, Floyd Mayweather Jr. of SEOs. If you want to play with the big boys, your SEO better have 50/50 wins, carrying a bag with ten thousand Benjamin Franklins in it. (Mayweather fans got this reference) Needless to say, it is hard to achieve, to say the least. Luckily for you, I’m sitting here all awesome and handsome, about to tell you how YOU can get that killer-SEO. (I’m practically Robin Sharma.)

How to get stellar SEO results?

SEO is often referred to as “the vital marketing tool,” but in order to make this tool work the way you want it, you need to adjust all of its tiny screws (no pun intended), coils, and gears. Even when you take care of all that, sometimes the said tool just won’t work, and all you can do is sit in a corner and cry for an hour. What I’m trying to say, ever so eloquently, is that even though you might have a solid grasp of the concept of SEO, and even though you’ve taken all of the seemingly necessary steps for it to work properly, the results may still end up being underwhelming (read: eye-wateringly disastrous).

SEO Booster

One of the main reasons for that is that SEO is made of multiple, very different elements. Knowing what each part from this colorful array is and what it does is the key to understanding and handling SEO. Most of you are probably giving up right now thinking: “I have to STUDY for this?! Nope, not me.”, but wait up. Imagine if there was that one plugin, that one tool that could solve all of your problems. Imagined? Alright. Now imagine if it was easy to use. Done? Ok. And now, bear with me: Imagine if it was FREE. O. M. G. Right? And that brings us to SEO Booster plugin.

SEO Booster Plugin

This badie (we call each other pet names) of a plugin was first released back in 2008 and back then it was regarded as Pro only version. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that the first free version of the SEO Booster plugin was released. In the meantime, its creators didn’t sit on their laurels. Thanks to them, today, this terrific plugin can improve your search engine visibility, and organically (I know, I thought of broccoli too) boost your traffic without virtually any effort on your part.

I wish I could say it can also lose weight for you and talk to your mother in law when you don’t feel like it, but it can’t. On the other hand, considering the speed of its development, who knows? Maybe one day, SEO Booster will take care of that stuff, too, but right now, it can ONLY do miracles for your SEO.

Now that I’ve seduced you and you are swooning with delight just thinking of your SEO improvements, it’s time to tell you more about some of the most prominent features of the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious SEO Booster plugin.


Trying to explain the notion of keywords as such, is kind of like trying to explain why Tana Mongeau is famous, you know? Some general definition would be that keywords are the words and phrases that those who search enter into search engines. However, once you start looking for keywords for a particular subject, you quickly realize that most people don’t search for stuff the way you do. Needless to say, if your SEO keyword is not the elusive keyword that most people use, your visibility will end up being as lame as always.

SEO Booster uses over 600 sources to discover the most relevant and valuable keywords. These keywords are subsequently used to discover more keywords, some of which may sound completely random, but your visitors might use them all the time. You, as a website owner, look at things from your inside point of view, and you often use deductive methods (just like Sherlock Holmes) to discover what you need. However, your customers won’t care as much, so they will often use the inductive approach and unwittingly generalize things to get to what they need. SEO Booster lets you take a step back and chill, while it finds those words and phrases for you. That can further lead you to discover whole new markets and connect with people on a much higher level.

Keywords Module

SEO Booster also enables you to include the most popular keyword into a tag, as well as append it to any post or page you find important and prominent. Furthermore, there are also several widgets available. One widget shows you the particular keywords that visitors used to find your website, while the other one shows related keywords to a variety of other pages on the website. To make things even simpler, you can opt to use the supremely efficient AJAX powered keyword table and find some new keywords and search for individual pages.

Automatic Linking

Before I got into online writing and WordPress in general it never occurred to me how important it actually is to turn keywords into links. When you are on the outside you take many things for granted, I suppose, blue words and phrases included. However, if the right words are turned into links, you will almost always click on them and go deeper into the particular subject matter. Those phrases are called anchor texts, and they are always succinct and highly relevant to the target page you are visiting. The more relevant the blue texts are, the better the SEO.


SEO Booster will swiftly and easily turn any keyword into a link; all you have to do is add a keyword and the page to which it should lead. For all of you who just started to freak out thinking: “But how do I know the keyword?!?!”, we’ve explained that in the previous section. I know, short attention span is the curse of all of us giddy millennials, so don’t worry, I got you covered.

So, once you’ve added the keyword and linking pages, SEO Booster will automatically turn all of the said keywords in your website content into blue (for now) links. We should mention that SEO Booster is highly intelligent and will avoid adding links into links, links into headlines and h-tags, as well as turning footers and sidebars into links. With this kind of efficiency and security, you will easily set up a variety of relevant internal links all over your website, which will result in a significant boost to your internal SEO.

External Links

This particular feature can also be used for setting up external links, which is great if you are looking to expand your business by using affiliate products.

One of the main reasons why this terrific plugin includes this particular option is because, in today’s market, around 81% of all brands and 84% of all publishers leverage the power and usefulness of affiliate marketing.

So why would you get up early in the morning, drive your old Mazda through a complete and utter gridlock, and spend hours working for some lovely sociopath in a navy-blue Walmart suit?

I mean don’t get me wrong, I like Walmart, it just popped to mind first. All the colorful imagery aside, affiliate marketing is truly the job of the future, and SEO Booster will allow you to do it with ease. We should point out that if you are using Yoast SEO, you can import all of the valuable keywords into SEO Booster through the Focus Keyword option. This way you will set up your links in no time.

Weekly reports

SEO Booster has you covered from all sides, and just in case you missed something important, this awesome plugin will send you an insightful email every single week. The email will contain some important data and general status info of your website for the past seven days. By always being notified about new keywords, backlinks, and detected errors, you will be able to keep track of your website’s visibility and ways you can improve it.

Backlinks and 404 errors

The backlink feature is exactly what it sounds like. This particular feature will show you who links to your website, which can ultimately help you significantly improve your rankings and remain relevant among your competitors.

With this feature, SEO Booster detects every single link in the internet stratosphere that leads to your website, so you can keep track of who links to you and why. Furthermore, SEO Booster also discovers and lists all of the tedious 404 errors, so you can take care of them immediately.


The PRO version of SEO Booster doesn’t stop there. If you decide to upgrade to PRO, your SEO Booster will even visit all of the URLs to check if your links really exist and work. This feature is added because there are some website owners out there who think they are clever, so they fake referral links to gain fractions. Needless to say, if you allow them to do that, they could gain relevance, while your website might even end up looking completely illegitimate due to broken links. It is sort of like those huge IG accts with 35 k followers and 353 followings. They follow to unfollow and gain some validation by looking important because of their followers/followings ratio.

Same way, if you are unaware that your link on the particular website isn’t operational, the said website might end up being in your mentions or referrals. Luckily, SEO Booster PRO takes care of all that and wipes out any scammy backlinks, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Basically, SEO Booster PRO is Bussetta to your Michael Corleone. On the same note, if the plugin can’t be described by a Godfather reference, it isn’t worth your time.

Automatic Tagging

We’ve already established that SEO Booster is in the business of putting your website on the map. It does that in a variety of different ways, one of which is automatic tagging. This feature automatically converts all of the newly discovered keywords into tags and then assigns those tags to current pages and posts. As soon as the new keyword is detected, it is automatically converted into a tag or any other taxonomy you choose and assigned to the current post. On the same note, SEO Booster also looks for related posts and appoints those posts to the keyword in question.

Automatic Tagging

SEO Booster also lets you apply this feature on your Custom Post Types, so you can have full control with your tags and other types of taxonomies on all of your posts. This feature also allows you to choose the maximum and minimum length of a tag, so you can make tags as you see fit.

More with PRO

PRO version is called “PRO” for a reason. It didn’t just wake up one morning and decided to become a PRO. I mean, do you think Jeffree Star just magically became a Star? No, my guy, you have to work for it. That is exactly what SEO Booster PRO does – it works, ever so exquisitely. Aside from the already mentioned PRO features, the PRO version also offers some terrific additional features.

With the PRO version, you will receive more feedback info about links to your website and get all of your backlinks confirmed and verified. This enables you to do quick and easy backlink audits.

Another great PRO feature is the Keyword Injection, which allows you to add the most relevant keywords before or after the keyword tag. This sounds fairly simple and maybe even trivial to a novice WP user, but thanks to this feature, your content will be dynamically updated and significantly boosted.

Furthermore, the PRO version will let you export keywords, 404 errors, and backlinks to .csv files, as well as get premium support.

We should also mention that if you are currently using the SEO Booster free version and you decide to upgrade to PRO, you can easily export all of your data into the PRO version.

In the next section, we will be chatting about two majorly important features of SEO Booster PRO version, Google PageSpeed, and Crawled Pages.

PRO: Automatic PageSpeed Insights

This awesome PRO feature lets you automatically run tests on your website in the background. Once you turn this option on, all you have to do is move over to the PageSpeed page to see which pages are loading too slow. Once you’ve detected them, you will be able to tend to the matter properly, and your website will be running much faster. Aside from this, you can also get valuable suggestions directly inside the plugin or go to the PSI page for more details.


PRO: Crawled Pages

Your content needs constant attention, and it should be visited by search engines as frequently as possible. Needless to say, websites aren’t visited evenly, and even if yours is visited often, not every page within it gets even an amount of attention. Crawled Pages will help you detect those less visited pages, so you can make the proper changes and make their content more appealing. This feature will also provide you with a list of all slow-loading pages, so you can solve their issues, while also keeping track of the more popular pages and their stats.

Crawled Pages


Do I really need to write more? It is too obvious how this plugin can’t help you solve your 99 problems, but SEO won’t be one of them anymore. If you are looking to gain more traffic, and get the most out of your site, you need this badie – it won’t leave you second-guessing!

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