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The best & most reliable WordPress plugins

Free Server IP & Memory Usage Display

Server IP & Memory Usage Display

This simple & free plugin allows you to display the server information directly on your website. Knowing the IP address, memory limits and PHP version can help you manage the server and keep the site well-maintained.


Free Atomic Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Collection

Atomic Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Collection

This plugin introduces over a dozen new blocks specifically designed for the still new Gutenberg editor. Use them to create practically any kind of website you imagined.


Free WP Mailto Links – Manage & Protect Email Links

WP Mailto Links – Manage & Protect Email Links

This simple plugin can protect all email addresses displayed on your WordPress site by encoding them. Simply install and active the plugin, and your email address will become safe from spam bots.


Free Photonic Gallery & Lightbox

Photonic Gallery and Lightbox Plugin

What do you think about the standard WordPress gallery? If you've been thinking about upgrading it with additional features, check out how this free plugin can help you.


Free Google Analytics Opt-Out

Google Analytics Opt-Out WordPress Plugin Review

Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on is the most prominent one developed for the Google Analytics JavaScript.


Free Sponsors Carousel

Sponsors Carousel

This is a very simple yet effective plugin developed to give the most without burdening the admin with a lot of work or the website with many banners and maintenance issues.


Freemium Simple Giveaways

Simple Giveaways

Thinking of hosting a giveaway? Simple Giveaways is the plugin you need to create the perfect giveaway in minutes, gain exposure and make your visitors happy!

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Free Visual Link Preview

Visual Link Preview

This free plugin allows you to create a Facebook-like link preview for any link that you publish. Customize the image and text to create a link preview that will be unique to your WordPress site.


Freemium SlideDeck


This simple WordPress slider helps you showcase your images, videos, and posts using beautiful, responsive sliders that you can create without code.


Freemium Yasr Yet Another Stars Rating

Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating

What better way to evaluate users’ satisfaction than by providing a straightforward, and comprehensive rating system? Easiest way to do that is with Yasr – Yet Another Starts Rating.

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Free Page Views Count

Page Views Count

Page Views Count is a simple plugin that requires no coding, and allows site visitors and site owners to rapidly and effortlessly see how many people have visited a page or post.

Analytics, Performance

Free Invoicing – Invoice & Payments Plugin

Invoicing – Invoice & Payments Plugin

Developing software that deals with money transactions are a serious matter, but making it user-friendly and secure takes its complexity to another level.