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Free How to create effective digital signage content in 5 easy steps

How to create effective digital signage content in 5 easy steps

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November 9, 2023


Digital signage has been the rage for a long time as it replaces traditional signage in different establishments. You may have seen digital displays in your daily lives, such as in grocery stores, at fast food restaurants, and malls. These allow establishment owners to go beyond what traditional signage can do.

They can simultaneously program several signs on one screen and have them switch periodically. This eliminates the need for multiple signage. However, you must first create this signage to display it. Many online services allow you to do so. You can put in your details and requirements, and they will allow you to make your digital signage online easily without installing dedicated software. Here’s how to do it.

Choose A Digital Signage Maker

Before creating your digital signage content, you must select the platform you will use. Going about it the conventional way will make matters more complicated than they should be, so we’re doing so online using a designing service. This also eliminates the need to download a dedicated software.

Many options are available, such as PosterMyWall and their digital signage templates. These templates will make your job easier and faster, and already have different design elements you’ll need for this job. There are hundreds of options available that you can further modify and edit to suit your needs.

This example shows the kinds of things you can do to that end. This is a menu for a Chinese restaurant that the owner can display on digital signage. It can be static on a screen, or the establishment can switch between screens. As this is made from a template, you can create several display slides and cycle between them.


Screen Orientation And Resolution

You must decide what the screen orientation is for your digital signage. Do you have it set up vertically or horizontally? Each has a different application. For instance, if you want to show a menu, then a vertical orientation is best for it if it is placed inside the restaurant. But if you want to display this menu at the counter, like many fast food restaurants do, then a horizontal display orientation will be best.

Resolution is also an important factor to consider. Again, this depends on the screen orientation and how your screen is set up. A high-resolution image means it will be of higher quality. But the screen must be of equal resolution to display it properly. If there is a mismatch, then your display cannot show content properly.

Choose Contrasting Colors

The goal of a display is to ensure maximum visibility of content even at a distance. This means a person standing on the other side of your establishment must be able to see your digital signage and get the message. Certain colors combinations contrast against each other better. For example, yellow and black, blue and yellow, black and white, etc are the most highly visible to people who see.

Of course this also depends on your brand colors too. You want a combination that compliments your brand’s color scheme and try to fit these contrasting colors. This will ensure that your content is easy to read, and comprehend, and the viewer gets the message.

Fonts And Text Sizing

This works as an extension of color combinations but you want to add fonts and select a size that is easy to read. If the font is too hard to read, as in the case of cursive fonts, it may leave the viewer confused. Block letters are often easier to read but there are several choices there as well.

For example, Comic Sans is inappropriate for formal use but works well for casual applications. Calibri and Arial are standard fonts that can work anywhere but are often unimaginative to be used casually.

Display Timings

Depending on where your digital signage will be put up and for what purpose, you will need to decide how long each signage will display the message. If the digital signage is being displayed facing outside, then you will select shorter display times. If you’re putting this digital signage internally, inside the establishment, then you can use longer display times.

Outside, people will be going about their time and won’t have time to stop and read the message at length. But if they are inside the establishment and have time to wait, you can take the liberty to display the content for longer.

Concluding Thoughts

Designing any sort of graphical material requires simple but effective steps which we have listed above. The goal is always to catch the attention of the viewer and deliver the information in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand way. The strategies above will allow you to create effective digital signage content that can work in a variety of places. All you must do is to follow them and you will see results with your digital signage.