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Free How to Create a Secure Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Create a Secure Digital Marketing Strategy

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Adnan Mujic

June 22, 2023 (modified on March 14, 2024)


The whole point of marketing is that it is designed to attract the attention of more customers and will serve to create a situation where you are able to increase your profits. At the same time, you need to think about it from a position of security as well. By increasing your profile, this can also make you potentially more attractive to hackers, which means that you can then become a target of cybercrime. All parts of your business should be considered from the point of view of security, but here are a few of the top ways to create a digital marketing strategy that is safe and secure with the help of a top Digital Agency.


Monitor Your Social Media Followers

While it is great to attract more social media followers, you also don’t want to have a whole load of bot accounts that could be used to scam either you or your customers. For this reason, it is going to be worthwhile going through your followers from time to time to see exactly who is following you. In this way, you are much better placed when it comes to ensuring that you are not attracting a high number of fake accounts, and you are also making an active effort to ensure that they are blocked and removed as required.

Look at the Sites You are Linking to

When you are creating blog content, it can be part of a highly effective strategy to ensure that you are posing outside links to other sites. However, you should make sure that these are trustworthy and reputable. Not only is this important from the point of view of improving the SEO of your website as a whole, but it also means that you are not directing customers to sites that could be potentially harmful to them in some way. This could end up having a negative impact on your company as it may well lead to a loss in reputation that would have otherwise been avoided.

Choose Guest Posting Sites Wisely

Just as choosing the sites that you are linking to from your own website is important, the same is true of any that you are guest posting on as well. One of the best ways that you can make sure you are getting this right is to work with a reputable agency such as click intelligence. Guest posting on the wrong site can end up having a negative impact on your company, and makes it a great deal more likely that you are going to struggle to achieve much of a positive impact at all.

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Ensure Your Digital Marketing Team are Well Trained

Just as every other part of your team needs to be properly trained in terms of digital security, this is certainly true of your digital marketing team too. This way, they are always going to demonstrate best practices, which can then go on to serve you well in terms of security. They will also be more active in seeking out potential risks and threats, thereby passing them onto the right people as and when this is needed. Training needs to be refreshed and updated on a regular basis as threats are always evolving and changing at such a rapid rate in the modern world.

A secure digital marketing strategy is one that can end up having so many positive impacts. Therefore, you certainly need to look at what you are doing to ensure that it’s not going to put your company at risk for any reason at all, and it will have an altogether positive impact too.