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How to Safeguard WordPress Website

How to Safeguard Your WordPress Blog from Catastrophic Error

Many things can go wrong with your website, and having plan B is always a good idea. Here are our tips to make sure that your website will always be safe and sound.

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Free WP Mailto Links – Manage & Protect Email Links

WP Mailto Links – Manage & Protect Email Links

This simple plugin can protect all email addresses displayed on your WordPress site by encoding them. Simply install and active the plugin, and your email address will become safe from spam bots.


Freemium Security Ninja for WordPress

Security Ninja

Security shouldn't be complicated. That's why Security Ninja allows you to scan the entire site in just a click of the button, and tackles even the biggest security issues without requiring you to have a masters degree in IT.


Free Stop User Enumeration

Stop User Enumeration

Stop User Enumeration is a plugin that boosts your site's security against outside threats. It is designed to detect and prevent hackers from scanning your site for usernames.


Freemium WP Activity Log

WP Activity Log

WP Activity Log WordPress plugin takes care of the logging for your WordPress site. It creates a detailed logging mechanism and allows you to log all activity to your WordPress Database or any other external database.

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Gauntlet Security

Perform a security scan in WordPress that indicates common problems with your WordPress install or server, with solutions for addressing each issue.

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WP Mail SMTP remedies WordPress email issues by routing all outgoing mail through an SMTP server.



Registration Honeypot

Sets up a hidden text field on your public registration form to trap spambots and bounce them from your WordPress site.



Cookies for Comments

Implements a very clever way of blocking spammers and spambots from posting comments on your WordPress install with no set-up.

Comments, Security


Google Authenticator for WordPress

You can use the Google Authenticator app for your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) to set-up two-factor authentication for your WordPress login.



Limit Login Attempts

Choose how many times a user can attempt to login before they are blocked from access to your WordPress site, to prevent brute force security attacks.

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Rename wp-login.php

Make the URL of your login page a bit easier to remember and protect against certain kinds of brute force attacks by changing it.

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