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Plugin Author: Streamline.Iv

Ikechi Ude

November 27, 2019 (modified on February 9, 2022)


The ethics of e-commerce, which primarily allow customers to place orders for goods/services without any form of direct supervision from the e-commerce site owners, are quite appealing but not always strategic.

Those things can range from shipping and order management to redirecting customers to the checkout.

For handling said things we recommend three plugins:

WooCommerce Order Export – a plugin for exporting order data from WooCommerce stores in the form of CSV reports delivered to your inbox or through FTP. The reports can be done manually or automatically on a schedule. Also, no need to worry about redundant data since the plugin remembers which orders you already exported.

WooCommerce Table Shipping – a plugin for creating a shipping rate plan perfect for your business. With it, you can create advanced shipping rules and calculate shipping based on a number of factors. Logged-in user shipping rules can also be created and thus help you encourage registrations on your website.

Direct Checkout for WooCommerce – a plugin for redirecting customers to the checkout in seconds. Using the plugin’s buy buttons you enable customers to skip the cart entirely and save their time. The buy buttons can be placed wherever you’d like and they work for individual products or all of them.

There are also DDoS attacks, which is growing alongside shoppers volume yearly, e-commerce entrepreneurs are required to come up with operational strategies on how to recover abandoned carts.

To efficiently manage, save, and recover abandoned carts in WooCommerce, there is a crucial need to use a web development tool specially designed for abandoned carts recovery, such as CartBounty.

CartBounty Description

CartBounty is a WordPress plugin for WooCommerce, which allows online entrepreneurs to effortlessly monitor every activity on their e-commerce sites’ checkout form even before they are submitted. As the name suggests, the plugin is aimed at helping shopping site owners to achieve bounty sales.

While consumers exercise full freedom on your e-commerce site, CartBounty automatically compiles the list of customers who had abandoned their shopping carts so you can get in touch with them later.

The entire process of recovering carts abandoned by many customers would ideally look difficult and time-consuming. But CartBounty handles them swiftly, allowing the platform owners to focus on other important aspects of running an e-commerce business while bloating their sales margin.

The plugin’s new feature: Exit-Intent Popup technology allows you to capture customers’ emails before they leave your site and would automatically remind the customers about their abandoned cart after a while, depending on your preferred delay window. You also have the freedom to remind the customers about their abandoned cart manually. CartBounty also has a feature that would allow you to issue discounts to selected consumers in a bid to cajole them into completing their purchase.

CartBounty Pro version offers entrepreneurs the option to automate abandoned carts recovery emails using MailChimp or ActiveCampaign. This feature allows you to include custom images and designs in your cart recovery emails.

Abandoned carts in WooCommerce

Cart abandonments are as a result of the vast consumers’ behavior on e-commerce websites.

Some consumers would want to save items for later, while many would want to compare prices, explore gift options, go window shopping, and other inevitable behaviors that could lead to cart abandonment.

According to a recent survey and over 40 different studies on e-commerce shopping cart abandonment, the current global cart abandonment rate is nearly 70 percent, with at least 50 percent of these abandoned carts recoverable through email reminders and discount offers. Based on the top reasons for cart abandonment during checkout, an efficient cart abandonment recovery method would begin with a good checkout design.

Over half of all abandoned carts are due to a complicated checkout process, non-display of total order up-front, and non-availability of guest purchases.

These challenges are resolvable by optimizing your checkout page through improved design and the integration of a reliable plugin for abandoned carts in WooCommerce: CartBounty. With an optimized checkout page, an average e-commerce website can gain over a 35 percent increase in conversion rate.


How CartBounty works?

CartBounty works by capturing customer information as soon as they enter them on your checkout page. These include the customer’s name, email address, telephone number, location, cart contents, and cart total. CartBounty does not require any action from the user before it can capture the information; capturing is done as soon as they enter the information. The plugin will also save abandoned carts shopping time and status, which allows you to find out about the current standing of the abandoned cart.

If a user completes an order and is sent to a “Thank You” page, CarBounty would clear the Checkout form fields and remove the user’s cart from the Checkout Field Capture table of abandoned carts.

If the customer leaves the checkout page without completing a purchase, CartBounty would recognize the cart as abandoned and automatically send the user a reminder with a unique recovery link. You can adjust the waiting window before the first email reminder is sent and as well as subsequent emails.

When the customer clicks on the unique link, they are taken back to the abandoned cart where they can complete the purchase, which is the primary goal. However, CartBounty has several features that enable you to recover abandoned carts easier.

CartBounty key features

1. Integration with professional email marketing platforms

CartBounty is designed to allow its users to integrate email campaign tools: MailChimp and ActiveCampaign into their abandoned cart recovery campaign where all email reminders emanate from. This allows for the creation of custom emails, which would include images and animations not available on HTML email. Users are also able to automate abandoned cart recovery processes better using these professional marketing tools.

Mailchimp Integration

2. Unlimited abandoned cart recovery email templates

Unlike most abandoned carts recovery tools in WooCommerce, which usually offer a limited number of recovery email templates, CartBounty has no restriction on the number of recovery email templates its users can create. This flexible choice of creating multiple templates for varying scenarios allows users to personalize further recovery emails, which would increase the conversion rate.

3. CartBounty stops sending emails once a cart is recovered

Once a consumer who had abandoned their cart earlier makes a purchase, CartBounty will automatically include them into the list of recovered abandoned carts where they would no longer receive recovery emails.

Abandoned Carts

4. Lightweight

The plugin is designed with functionality in mind, and this makes it lightweight and simple.

5. Exit Intent Popup

CartBounty feature includes Exit-Intent Popup, which is triggered if a customer wants to leave your site without completing a purchase. This feature works regardless of the page that is being viewed by the customer. Exit Intent Popup feature helps to reduce bounce rate and to win leads for customers that didn’t make it to your website’s checkout page.

Exit Intent

6. Automated email notifications and setup

Users have the option to set the email address that would receive notifications about abandoned carts. They can also set the interval time (frequency) at which CartBounty would notify them about abandoned carts on their eCommerce website.

7. Google reCAPTCHA v3 protection

CartBounty offers secure and reliable database inputs and outputs while also protecting your shopping cart from bots using Google’s reCAPTCHA v3.

8. Support for multiple languages

The plugin has a language folder that allows you to easily translate the English version into any language of your choice.

How to install and activate CartBounty

You can install CartBounty by uploading a downloaded copy from or by using the WordPress plugin search feature.

Steps to install downloaded CartBounty plugin

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
  • Locate the directory where you have the CartBounty plugin .zip file and select the file
  • Click on the “Install Now” button and wait for a few seconds for the installation to complete.
  • Activate the plugin

Steps to install CartBounty through WordPress plugin search

  1. At your WordPress Dashboard, click on Plugins > Add New
  2. Enter CartBounty in the search field. The first plugin on the search result page should be CartBounty by
  3. Click on the “Install Now” button beside CartBounty by
  4. Click on “Activate” when the installation is completed

Any of these above-mentioned procedures would activate CartBounty on your WordPress site. You need to click on the WooCommerce > CartBounty > Settings tab to complete the necessary set up such as setting up an email address for automated notifications and MailChimp integration.

Please see the instructional video below for more details on how to recover abandoned carts using CartBounty.

Why choose CartBounty to recover abandoned carts in WooCommerce?

The essence of using abandoned carts recovery plugin in WooCommerce is to achieve the maximum conversion rate possible seamlessly. CartBounty offers much more than other competing plugins to recover abandoned carts in WooCommerce, and they include:

  1. CartBounty sends all email reminders using professional email marketing tools; it does not rely on native WordPress emails, which can get caught in spam folders or fail to reach the client.
  2. CartBounty installation or removal doesn’t create or leave a mess in your database.
  3. With open channels for consumer suggestions, CartBounty developers are open to more third-party app integrations in the future. They integrated ActiveCampaign recently and are planning to integrate more third-party apps according to consumer needs.
  4. The plugin doesn’t create language barriers since it has support for all languages
  5. CartBounty is reliable and safe. The plugin currently has 25 reviews (all with five stars) at the time of this writing.

CartBounty Pricing

CartBounty free version (try) has limited features such as a single style for Exit-Intent technology popup, no support for automated e-mail notifications, and non-flexible email notification frequency.

The Pro version, which packs all features, starts at $42 for a single domain, $87 (Pro+) for up to 5 domains, and $647 (developer version) for an infinite number of domains and support for further development.

Pricing Cart Bounty


Abandoned carts recovery is a crucial aspect of running a successful eCommerce website. And CartBounty has so much to offer towards achieving easy and seamless recoveries of abandoned carts. The only downside is the fact that the plugin doesn’t have complete flexibility to integrate all kinds of professional email marketing platforms, which is not a deal-breaker. The available marketing platforms are used by most marketers, and CartBounty developers are ready to introduce more third-party apps upon recommendations by the users. CartBounty is relatively one of the best WordPress plugins to recover abandoned carts.

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