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Free Best Link Building Tools (Free & Paid)

Best Link Building Tools (Free & Paid)

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Beatrice Stefanescu

August 19, 2022 (modified on September 18, 2023)


Today’s WordPress website optimization efforts would be difficult to envisage without incorporating link building. In fact, it is these very things that allow everyone to recognize and distinguish Internet services from others. Links are precisely what allow us to navigate through content on the Internet since they are clear, simple, and sufficiently descriptive.

They are always a route to leave the current page, whether they be text links or ones made with multimedia components, such as photos. It usually jumps to a different site or page, although it can alternatively go to a spot on the same page.

It’s a practical and now common method for your website visitor to become familiar with the website’s information, which is typically spread across several different pages. Internal links connect sites within the same domain, as the name suggests. For instance, all the links that point to a specific website page. The first wise move in building a competitive website is proper internal linking inside one site. Links that are cleverly constructed can considerably encourage people to stay on a website longer. You will be sure that everything you have thought of to promote to them has been read by them. To optimize this strategy further, partnering with a link building agency can ensure that your internal linking is both effective and aligned with best SEO practices.

Here are some plugins that can help you build links on your WordPress website.

1. WP Links

WP Links

You may completely control your links with the use of WP Links. The WP Links tool allows you to calculate the value of backlinks coming from a specific website. For example, you can specify a page/post ID to which these rules won’t apply. This tool can identify every link that has a specified keyword. That is a fantastic choice since regulations may then be made based on that. This plugin enables you to add sizable lists of URLs that are exempt from such limitations. For example, you can specify a page/post ID to which these rules won’t apply. Additionally, the earlier limitations will no longer be applicable if the link contains a specified CSS class. This plugin enables you to add sizable lists of URLs that are exempt from such limitations.

2. SEMRush Link Building Tool


A powerful backlink tool for developing and implementing a link-building plan is the SEMRush Link Building Tool. It supports all of your outreach activities, from locating link opportunities to getting in touch with the target domain. Semrush’s ability to find and manage new link possibilities is its strongest feature. Simply input your goal keywords and rivals to identify link chances for your website. You then receive a list of potential appropriate connection partners from the tool. Several outreach techniques are available when you wish to pursue a prospect, including guest articles, product evaluations, linking to an article, and more.

3. JustReachOut


A link-building software called JustReachOut is intended to help you reach out to and communicate with link possibilities better. This is an outreach tool you can use to get in touch with website owners for various connecting opportunities. News releases, webinars, guest pieces, and unconnected brand references fall under this category. Numerous outreach templates are available to assist you in creating compelling messages quickly, and the site includes basic pitch writing assistance where their editors will examine your messages and provide you with feedback on their quality.

4. Google Advanced Search

Google Advanced Search

You can utilize search operators to discover extremely particular search results with Google Advanced Search, a function incorporated into the Google search engine. The capability of Google Advanced Search to locate pertinent websites to contact for backlinks is its best feature. By utilizing Google’s extensive database, the advanced search function allows you to find websites that you might have otherwise overlooked. Then you can get in touch with the site’s owner and request to write a guest post for them that links back to your website.

5. is a link-building platform made to make reaching out to link opportunities more efficient. You may schedule and send outreach programs as well as utilize them to search and validate email addresses. The Email Finder tool is’s finest and most used feature. It aids in locating the appropriate email addresses for contact information on any website on the internet. You can use this information to contact possible link prospects and propose your concept for obtaining a link back to your website.

6. BuzzStream


BuzzStream’s CRM functionality. It enables contact management and mass personalization of outreach is its most notable feature. All of your contacts can be stored in an easy-to-use interface, and you can sort and filter your database to discover the ideal contacts for your outreach campaign quickly. There are many templates in BuzzStream that you can modify to meet each interaction. When you need to remind a prospect, you can automate your follow-ups and schedule your messages in advance.

Link building is a strategic business for every site. With the help of different tools, this job can become easier. If you are not sure which of these tools to use, the safest option is WP Links. This plugin contains all the essential elements that will help you keep the links on your website under control.