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What Are the Common Types of Websites for Businesses?

What Are the Common Types of Websites for Businesses?

Vallery Henings

September 26, 2021 (modified on September 28, 2021)


Let’s face it — in the 21st century, your website is your new front door. In 2020, digital advertising will greatly surpass traditional advertising. If you market correctly, you’re going to get more people showing up to your website than showing up to your in-person facility.

Unfortunately, most small business websites are unattractive and repel customers. Building a website isn’t easy. It takes just as much skill as making an actual, in-person facility.

To create an excellent website for business, you’re going to need to learn the types of websites that are out there. This article will walk you through everything you need to know.

eCommerce Website

If you plan on selling things on your website — whether it be your products, services, or consultations — you’re going to be running an eCommerce website. The point of a website is to act as a virtual storefront, bringing in revenue for you and your company.

For eCommerce websites, functionality and ease of use are essential. If your customers can navigate your site quickly, they’re more likely to stick around and shop.

When designing an eCommerce website, remember that you’re developing your customer’s experience with your company. Create a site that’s intuitive, fun, visually interesting, and stimulating.

Make sure you don’t fall for these web design mistakes that destroy many small business websites.

Branding Website

Person using credit card and laptop

If your goods or services cannot be sold over your website, it would do well to create a branding website. Branding is all about aesthetics and making sure that you stick in your customer’s brains.

It’s alright to go all-out with the design on these sites since they’re more advertisements than they are storefronts. That doesn’t mean you get to be sloppy, however. Make sure that you make use of color theory to keep the design of your website clean.

Many people go with analogous color schemes (colors that look like each other), so why not consider a complementary scheme (colors that clash in a satisfying way, such as blue and orange).

Lead Generation Website

Group pointing at the laptop

A lead generation is a middle ground between an eCommerce website and a branding website. If you can’t quite sell your product or service on your website but can use it as a transportation system to get clients to call you so you can seal the deal — you should make a lead generation website.

The lead generation website is all about moving people. Get people from an attractive landing page to your pitch to your “contact us” page as quickly and efficiently as you can.

Understand the Different Types of Websites

Web design is crucial in 2021. However, you’ll exponentially increase your efficiency if you know the type of website you’re creating.

Analyze the intricacies of eCommerce websites, branding websites, and lead generation websites, and you’re far more likely to succeed.

Your website will only be strong if you understand different types of websites.

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