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6 Basic Steps to Get Targeted Instagram Followers in 2022

6 Basic Steps to Get Targeted Instagram Followers in 2022

Vallery Henings

February 18, 2022


Sometimes, having 100 followers is better than having 1000 followers. You may wonder why. Let’s take a simple example to understand how it works. Suppose you have 100 followers, and all of them are interested in your products. When you run an ad for one of your products, 90 people will be interested in it, and maybe 70 will buy.

Now take, for example, that you have 1000 followers. Out of these 1000, 900 do not have any interest in what you do or sell. When you run an ad, you will get the same results as 70 sales. However, the cost of campaigning to 1000 people is more than 100 people. For 100 people, it is possible to reach everyone via Instagram DMs. With 1000 or more people, that might be much more difficult.

It shows us the importance of having targeted followers. You can buy 10000 followers, but it wouldn’t be more effective than having 1000 targeted and relevant followers.

If anything matters more than followers count, how many of them are genuinely interested in what you do. Many Instagram growth services focus solely on followers and not the value they add to your profile.

Now that the premise is set let’s find out how to get targeted followers on Instagram in 6 basic steps.

Be Clear About What You Do and Sell

woman holdung black shoes

If you are running a brand on Instagram, it is already apparent that you are selling something. Be it content, services, or products, and there are many things to sell on Instagram. If you make it seem otherwise, you will not get genuine followers. If someone is more in your photography than your products, you cannot expect to convert them in the short term.

Your Instagram profile should also make your niche clear and obvious. Write it in unambiguous terms on your profile bio and use relevant hashtags. If you run an organic brand, people should not first visit a social awareness page.

However, when it comes to selling stuff, best to send users to your website since you can have full control over design and structure. In addition, you can rely on a solid website visitor tracking tool like WTL to keep track of on-site user activity and optimize for more sales.

Engage With Your Audience

Audience engagement is a sure-shot way of gaining targeted followers. When you regularly interact with your followers, they get to know you at a deeper level. By running giveaways and using the best Instagram giveaway picker to easily select winners, you can make your audience engagement even more exciting. Live streams are a great option, but you should also make the most of Instagram stories and reels.

Work With Influencers

Influencer promoting clothes

People go for an influencer marketing agency because influencers and brand ambassadors cater to a specific audience. When you are collaborating with an influencer, you know what you will get in return.

Some influencers have a very niche audience, and it can be very useful if your products and services align with that audience. Influencer marketing is based on targeted marketing, and you cannot go wrong with it.

With modern tools like Ainfluencer, you can do all your influencer marketing without external services. It is an affordable influencer marketing platform that takes care of everything.

Notice What Other Brands in Your Space Are Doing

No matter which niche you belong to, you will have hundreds and thousands of similar brands on Instagram.

Instead of looking at them as competition, you can leverage the data and user information they generate.

For example, if one such page has many more followers than you, you can figure out what they are doing to draw in more followers.

You can learn from the frequency at which they schedule Instagram posts or host live events. You can also learn more about the type of online events that are the most successful in your space. With this information and data, getting targeted followers becomes very easy.

With these four foundational ideas, you can easily increase the rate at which you get targeted followers.