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How to Convert an Article Into a Podcast? 3 Useful Tips to Follow

How to Convert an Article Into a Podcast? 3 Useful Tips to Follow

Vallery Henings

February 10, 2022


If you are looking for ways to enhance your content performance in 2022, there is no denying that podcasts are worth exploring.

Podcasting provides your brand with a personal touch. It makes data easier to comprehend and more accessible, and it shows your consumers that you are ready to answer their needs.

However, you cannot simply take an article and then read it out on air and deem it a podcast. There is a lot more to it than this. So, with that being said, let’s look at three useful tips to follow when converting an article into a podcast.

Why Should You Convert an Article Into a Podcast?

There are numerous advantages to using podcasts, so it is worthwhile to investigate these further before walking you through the steps you must take.

Converting blog content into a podcast is an excellent way of making your brand more recognizable and relatable. Your consumers, just like everyone else in the current day, need to multitask, as life is lived at such a fast pace. Podcasts give people the extra flexibility of exploring content on the go while also managing their other daily tasks.

If that was not enough, podcasts are ideal for building an online community and increasing your exposure. You also give your consumers the chance to connect with your brand with minimal costs. Plus, podcasts are also optimized with voice search in mind, which is increasingly being used today.

Person making podcast

Three Tips to Follow to Convert an Article Into a Podcast

As you can see, there are many reasons why podcasts are considered an essential part of any content strategy today. However, you need to implement this strategy effectively. With that being said, let’s look at three tips that can help you convert an article into a podcast.

1. Start by Perfecting Your Strategy

There are numerous approaches to create a podcast, so there are numerous options to consider. There is only one place to start, and that is by organizing your strategy. You must expertly construct your strategy, plan ahead of time, and ensure that all of your resources are in place.

If you have a coherent plan, this will help to make your content a lot more recognizable to your customers. Knowing what to expect will help to make sure people get in the correct mindset and focus on the information at hand.

Here are some of the different ways that you can structure and organize your podcasts:

Convert All of Your Content

The simplest and least resource-consuming way to approach your podcast strategy is to convert all of your blog posts simply. This means you won’t have to go through your content, reorganize it, and re-work certain pieces. Instead, you can simply use a text to speech generator to convert all of your posts in bulk and then take it from there.


Make It a Series

Another option is to make your podcasting a series. So, you can start off with one of your articles, using it as a base, and then you can turn it into a series of podcasts.

Creating a quality podcast series can require more planning and a more significant investment of your resources and time, yet it will bring you the best results.

Focus on a Selection of Topics

You might also consider creating a new section of your website for all of your audio content, which will make it easier for your customers to navigate your website if they are only interested in listening to the audio upload.

You can concentrate on the topics of your blog that have proven to be the most popular, organizing them in categories that are easy to access.

Also, you need to make sure that every podcast is coupled with a description and provides links to all of the relevant blog posts and articles on your website.

person with microphone

Plan Content Presentation

Next, you need to think about how you will present your content. This will largely be determined by your general strategy and the goals you have established for yourself.

As mentioned earlier, some great text-to-speech tools are much cheaper and easier to use. Of course, the other option is to get a real person to do a voiceover, which will take more resources, and there is a time-consuming conversion process, so do keep this in mind.

There is no right or wrong answer. It is all about figuring out what makes the most sense for your budget and audience.

Planning how you are going to tell your story is critical, as this will help increase audience engagement and boost the image of your brand.

2. Research the Competition

The next tip that we have for you when converting your articles into podcasts is to research the competition.

Doing your research is imperative. You need to understand what people want to listen to. You also need to know what your competition is doing. What topics are they discussing?

We are not suggesting that you copy what another business is doing. However, you can find inspiration in their products, videos, and articles.

girl in yellow shirt using headphones

It Is Not Only About Finding Out What Your Competition Is Doing Well

You will also be able to get a good understanding of where your competition is going wrong. What don’t you like about their podcasts? What could they improve? Even what are people saying online about the company’s podcasts? Use all of the information at your disposal to determine what will and will not work for your business.

Consider Asking a Rival Ceo to Come Onto Your Podcast

You may even want to think about asking a rival CEO to come on your podcast for a debate. Of course, this is not going to be suitable for all brands. Plus, you need to be prepared to outmatch the competition if you take this route. Nevertheless, it is an option worth thinking about if you want to gain more viewership and engagement for your podcast.

3. Put Together a Distribution Plan

The third piece of advice we have for you is to put together a distribution plan.

Creating fantastic content and keeping it on your website alone means you are missing out on the chance to reach a wider audience.

Distribute Your Content via Online Streaming Platforms

You can attract listeners that may otherwise not have found your company if you distribute your podcasts across streaming platforms.

Streaming platforms are organized into various categories to easily search for the sort of content they are interested in and find the podcasts they are most likely to enjoy.

As a podcaster, this is an excellent way of getting a better understanding of the demographics of your listeners, what parts of your podcasts they prefer, which episodes they have favored the most, and other pieces of vital data.

By assessing this information, you will be able to enhance the quality of your episodes so you can concentrate on what sells.

What Are Some of the Best Streaming Solutions?

Some of the top streaming platforms out there at the moment for podcasts include the likes of SoundCloud, TuneIn, Overcast, Google Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.

girl using headphones

How Can You Choose the Best Streaming Platform for Your Business?

Selecting the best podcasting and streaming platform for your business will depend on your preferences. You need to think about which sort of streaming solution you enjoy the most, as well as other factors, such as what your audience is going to be most likely to use.

Assess Your Competition Carefully on the Streaming Platform

You can look at the platforms mentioned above and search the category you would position your podcast in. This will then enable you to understand who your competition would be on the platform so that you can then determine whether or not you would be able to outshine them.

Final Words on Converting an Article Into a Podcast

So there you have it: everything you need to know about converting an article into a podcast effectively.

We hope that the tips and suggestions that we have provided you with above will help you convert an article into a podcast effectively.

After all, podcasts are significant in boosting engagement and increasing your exposure, making this a must-have for your content strategy for 2022.