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HostArmada Review: Web Hosting Service That Proves Efficient and Rises Above Its Competitors

HostArmada Review: Web Hosting Service That Proves Efficient and Rises Above Its Competitors

Samir Nazic

November 23, 2021


Without the right and reliable hosting provider, websites can suffer a significant loss in performance and network downtime, which can be a considerable cost to any business. But luckily for you, there is one hosting provider that proves efficient and rises above its competitors, and that is HostArmada.

HostArmada is a type of all-inclusive hosting service which means its service ranges from domain services to cloud-based hosting services. HostArmada integrates cloud-based technology combined with an SSD platform and the latest AMD CPUs, thus creating the fastest speed for every user.


No matter which Web Hosting plan you choose, HostArmada is guaranteed to give you:

  • 45 days money-back policy
  • No cancelation fees
  • Free website transfers
  • 9% Uptime policy
  • Malware Scan and Malware Removal services

Although relatively new, HostArmada provides cost-effective solutions. It provides various web hosting solutions, including shared hosting servers, private servers, and CPU servers.

Let’s explain some of the hosting packages that HostArmada offers:

1. SSD Shared Hosting

HostArmada Shared Hosting

HostArmada delivers a 99.9% uptime by using Cloud-based technology and a powerful SSD storage system. Currently, there are three hosting plans available within the SSD Shared Hosting service: Starter Dock, Web Warp, and Speed Reaper. Depending on the plan you choose, you get these prominent features:

  • Free website migrations
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1-click installer for Open-source Applications
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Free Domain Names
  • Unlimited and free e-mail accounts
  • User-friendly cPanel as control panel
  • Free SSL certificates

2. WordPress Hosting

HostArmada WordPress Hosting

HostArmada also provides WordPress Hosting plans which are suitable for beginners and bloggers. You have powerful options like cloning, staging, and daily backups at your disposal.

If you don’t already have a domain, you can get one for free or transfer an existing one for free. There is no upper limit when it comes to database creation as well as creating e-mail accounts.

3. VPS Hosting

HostArmada VPS Hosting

Cloud VPS Hosting solutions provide users with greater control and optimal resource capacity due to full-root level access. As mentioned before, cloud-based technology can deliver 99.9% uptime and a smooth workflow of your website.

There are four different VPS Hosting plans available, each with its own set of features to meet everyone’s needs. Also, HostArmada gives you dynamic caching, which boosts server response for your website.

Moreover, with fast SSD storage at your disposal and many free features like Free SSL, Free Daily Backups, and up to 5 Free cPanel accounts, this is a first-rate hosting option.

4. Dedicated CPU Server Hosting

HostArmada CPU Hosting

As one of the most powerful solutions, Dedicated CPU Servers provide top-notch reliability, high performance, and strong stability, even for the most consuming websites.

NGINX, a highly intuitive cache system, allows websites to load much faster and less resource usage. All Dedicated CPU plans have automated weekly backup services. One of the main advantages is the root level of access, which grants you overall control and fully customizable options.

Domain Names

You can easily search for an available domain name with the given search box. After that, it will redirect you to a new window where you can choose from any given extension.

These extensions are divided into three categories: Common Domain extensions, Country-Specific Extensions, and Generic Extensions.

HostArmada offers you with every domain purchase a set of tools to help you manage your domain:

  • Domain Management Panel – user-friendly interface to manage your domain
  • DNS Management – complete control over your DNS records
  • Domain forwarding – accessible forwarding domain name to any URL or Social page
  • Subdomains Management – easily create and manage Subdomains

With HostArmada’s privacy protection, every newly created or transferred Domain Name is highly protected. Furthermore, by default, every domain name is locked and cannot be moved without your permission.

When it comes to price, it depends on the type of extensions. For example, you can pay 11.99$/year for the .com extension, 10.99$ for the .org. Or, if you are a professional blogger, you can get a .blog extension for 7.69$/year.

HostArmada also offers specific extensions like .coupons,, .system, which you can check out on this link.

Data Centers

HostArmada datacenters

Although HostArmada is still in its early stages, it has expanded to nine strategically placed server locations across four continents.

As a result, HostArmada can provide its customers with the fastest possible website speed. While purchasing a plan, HostArmada asks you to select the nearest Data Center to you, so be sure to do so to get the best possible outcome.

In the image below, you can see all the available data centers.

Website Loading Speed

HostArmada loading speed

Another great thing about HostArmada is that it delivers an outstanding website loading speed. Customers prefer fast-loading websites, and a faster loading time improves overall SEO ranking on Google.

So how does HostArmada achieve a faster loading time? First of all, it uses cloud SSD drives for faster reading and writing. It speeds up WordPress sites with LiteSpeed Cache, reducing page size and loading time with Brotli.

Website Security

HostArmada security

When it comes to Web security, HostArmada is an all-in-one security solution. It covers you in every way possible, from SSL certificates and daily backups to DDoS protection.

Included firewalls can analyze, monitor, and block specific HTTP traffic, to prevent suspicious activity. Also at your disposal is an automatic Malware scanner that can be initiated manually from cPanel, too.


As all good things come to an end, so did we with HostArmada Review.

We hope that now you have a better understanding of this hosting provider. It is easy to use and highly secure.

Furthermore, it provides complete technical support via phone or chat, and it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It offers faster loading speeds and better performance due to its cloud-based approach. So, if you are searching for a stable and reliable hosting service, HostArmada is the right choice for you.