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Welcome to Tidy Repo v3

Welcome to Tidy Repo v3

Gordan Orlic

May 22, 2018


It’s been over three years since we wrote a post like this, announcing a new version of Tidy Repo. And while that’s a substantial period, especially in “Internet years”, we’ll go by an old saying “better late than never” and welcome you to Tidy Repo v3! A new, rebooted version that kept everything good from the old concept and added a few new things to keep track with the everchanging world of WordPress.

So, what’s new?

Jay Hoffmann, Tidy’s creator and author of most plugin reviews, has stepped down from day-to-day involvement and will continue helping the project as a consultant. And hopefully, write a review or two when he finds the time.

WebFactory Ltd handles everything else including writing reviews, assisting people in finding plugins and keeping the site all sparkly & nice. We’ve been involved with WordPress for over ten years, created numerous plugins and participated in many WordPress related projects. We feel right at home surrounded by WP plugins and hope to shed some light on the less known ones.

The focus of the site remains on plugins. However, a lot has changed in the last five years since Tidy published its first review. Free plugins used to dominate the market and Tidy. That era is behind us. Premium plugins, both paid-only and freemium now have a section of their own and are clearly marked. This is because most of today’s favourite plugins have some paid version and users don’t mind it. We are still going to promote and try to find as many fresh free plugins as possible, but paid ones will get a lot more attention.

We’ve added a dedicated page with discounts that will be soon buzzing with life and great WordPress discounts for our readers.

New reviews will be coming out regularly at least two times a week for the next few months. After that, we’ll see what kind of frequency our reads prefer and adjust it. Although we get numerous plugin suggestions every day and some of you have already critiqued us for not publishing reviews every day, at the moment it would be challenging to keep that pace.

The mailing list is currently put on hold, but we have every plan to reboot it. We know you don’t want another stupid weekly email that clutters your inbox and borderlines with spam. We want to do things properly, and that takes time.

Help us find the best WordPress plugins that just work

We appreciate and value all feedback, ideas and plugin suggestions that our readers keep sending us. Use the suggest plugin form to send us your plugin suggestions and the feedback form for everything else. Comments on reviews are also more than welcome, so scroll down to the bottom to comment on every article. We’re always on Twitter @webfactoryltd so don’t be shy and say hello.