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Free 6 Best Free WordPress Job Board Plugins in 2023

6 Best Free WordPress Job Board Plugins in 2023

Plugin Author:

Ivana Banić

February 12, 2023 (modified on February 8, 2023)


It’s not uncommon for job seekers to check sites other than Indeed when looking for the ideal job. Using a free WordPress job board plugin you can add ob listings to your site and increase traffic as well as offer your visitors unique opportunities they might not have known about otherwise. The majority of these plugins can be downloaded off the WordPress plugin repository for free and be seamlessly integrated into your site with only a few clicks.

Today, we’ll review the best free WordPress job board plugins so you can make the right decision and improve for both yourself and your users. So, if you want to know which plugin to choose keep reading and simply pick a favorite. Let’s get started.

Job Board Manager

Job Board Manager banner


The Job Board Manager plugin is our top pick because it makes handling a job board and adding one to your site easier than ever. It contains several shortcodes for showing the job archive, job submission, account, logged-in user job list, and more. Plus the whole process of setting up a job board only takes a few minutes.

The design of the board is quite simple, but effective nonetheless making it simple for job seekers to find the opportunities they’re after. It’s an ideal solution for those that don’t have a developer or a web designer to help them along the way.

Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board banner

Simple Job Board is the best free WordPress job board plugin for those that want simplicity and don’t want to deal with a million menus cramping up their site. All of the key features and functionalities are responsive and simple to use, despite the navigation being straightforward, so if you’re more of a minimalist type make sure to check this one out.

The settings page has all the information you need, along with instructions. The plugin is very lightweight and easy to manage even if you have no experience in web design. Plus, if you don’t want to use the default job board, this plugin allows you to customize it.

Jobs for WordPress

Jobs for WordPress banner

Jobs for WordPress is a great plugin with fantastic customization options. It’s feature full and best suited for those that want more control over the functionalities and aesthetics of their job board. It also sports a simple yet powerful user interface making it easy to create and manage all of the job listings on offer.

In addition, if you’re short on time you’ll be glad to know that Jobs for WordPress allows you to post jobs in PDF format. What a time saver.

WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager website

WP Job Manager is a simple plugin for WordPress that adds job-board-like functionality to your site. Given the minimal CSS style, it should work with any theme and is relatively simple to set up because it is shortcode based. The plugin has several shortcodes to output jobs in a variety of forms, and you can easily add anything you want to it without jumping through hoops.

WP Job Openings

WP Job Openings banner

WP Job Openings will help you manage your job boards or listings without being too complicated. It’s one of the most user-friendly plugins out there due to the developer’s diligence. Before creating the plugin, they looked at popular job board plugins and decided to add what was missing and subtract what was superfluous. This helped them create the best user interface out there.

There are a few plugins out there that will make the process as simple as WP Jobs Openings. In addition, the plugin is incredibly adaptable and enables simple page navigation for visitors. Every design available is simple and functional. This way your visitors won’t have to click a trillion buttons just to get to the navigation page.

Job Board By Bestwebsoft

Job Board by Bestsoft banner

A lot of people love the Job Board plugin by Bestwebsoft. Creating a job board and adding it to your site becomes simple with this plugin due to its sleek and straightforward design. It is also highly adaptable and simple to customize, and the layout options are extensive and sophisticated. Additionally, you can manage the number of open positions and employment applications with ease.

Final Thoughts

There are our top picks. But the best free WordPress job board plugin can also be whatever suits your needs best. We just like these because they’re simple yet effective, and let us now forget to mention – free. Have any other thoughts or recommendations? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.