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Enables the popular Markdown syntax in your post editor for posts, pages, and custom post types, with a help bar to guide you along.

Stephen Harris

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Automatically pull in content from RSS feeds and around the web, then discuss them with your team and draft new posts from new ideas.

Aram Zucker-Scharff, Boone B Gorges, Jeremy Boggs

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Google Docs to WordPress

A chrome extension to draft your posts as a Google Doc then automatically send it over to WordPress as a post draft to publish.


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Show/Hide Content at Set Time

Use a shortcode included in the plugin to automatically display or hide content on your posts and pages according to the time and date.

Dave Clements

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Global Content Blocks

Create tiny chunks of reusable content, including text, forms, and PHP code, and then add them to posts or pages with a shortcode or TinyMCE button.

Ben Magrill

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Automatic Post Scheduler

Set an interval of time between each one of your posts and make sure that there is a proper time interval between each one.

Tudor Sandu, Kaspars Dambis

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Public Post Preview

Create a randomized URL that can be shared for public viewing before the post or page is published, so only users with the URL can view the page.

Dominik Schilling

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Restrict Author Posting

Restrict users to a single category using a drop-down menu in the user's profile. Restricted users will only be able to publish to the category they are assigned to.


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Easily add multiple authors to posts in WordPress just as you would tags, and automatically replace the author link on the front-end.

Matt Dulin

Editing  Page  

Tabify Edit Screen Plugin

Tabify Edit Screen

Choose which pieces of the WordPress editor to group together, so that it's a little bit more organized. Customize for each post type, and turn on or off with a checkbox.

Marko Heijnen

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Edit Flow

Manage a WordPress site with multiple authors, send notifications on post updates, comment on posts and pages, customize post statuses, and refine the post editor.

Daniel Bachhuber, Scott Bressler, Mohammad Jangda, Automattic, and others

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