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Tidy Repo

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Submission Guidelines

You’re an experienced writer that spends his days contributing to the WordPress community by sharing your insights and experience through well-written and unique articles? You’ve come to the right place to get featured!

Content requirements

The content itself should be informative, researched, and exciting, whether it’s a tutorial, review, or simply a blog post. As long as it’s related to WordPress, SEO, hosting, theme and plugin recommendations, social media, digital marketing, and similar topics, it will be a great fit for our audience.

Technical requirements

  • The article should be at least 1500 words.
  • Uniqueness is a necessity (plagiarism will not be tolerated under any circumstances)
  • At least 3 internal links leading to our other content
  • External links to other credible sites
  • At least 3 images related to the content, alongside the source
  • Once the article gets published, it’s in the ownership of TidyRepo
  • We’re entitled to making adjustments to the article
  • An Autor Bio section is required, with your image, email address, and links to your social media and website

Waiting time

Once the article is approved, it will take approximately 1-2 weeks for it to get published.

Pitching ideas

Please send over your previously published articles, as well as at least 3 headline ideas (not complete articles), and submit them via the form below:

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