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Open up a side by side visual editor so you can preview your posts and pages in real time, and watch changes automatically effect the preview as you edit.

Evasive Software


Easy Pricing Tables plugin

Easy Pricing Tables

Add pricing tables to your WordPress using a simple to use GUI editor, then output them on any page using a shortcode. Supports multiple pricing tables and as many columns as you want.

David Hehenberger

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Nav Menu Roles

Easily change which menu items can be seen by visitors to your site based on whether they are logged in, and what user role they are assigned.

Kathy Darling

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Real Time Find and Replace

Search your WordPress install for a string of text or a block of HTML and replace it with whatever you want. Support for Regular Expressions.

Marios Alexandrou

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Export Categories & Taxonomies / Export Featured Images

Export Categories and Taxonomies and Featured Images so you can use the WordPress Importer to bring them into new WordPress installs.




Restrict Widgets

Easily control which pages, categories, or post types widgets will be shown on, and control whether logged in users or guests can see each one.


Admin  Widgets  



Easily backup your WordPress database, plugin and theme files to popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Rackspace, and then Restore with one click of a button.

David Anderson



WP PageNavi

Upgrade the pagination in your WordPress install with a single line of code. You can edit the text of next and previous links, customize what is shown and tweak it's output.

Lester Chan & scribu

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Page Template Dashboard

View which template each page in your WordPress install is using right in the "All Pages" dashboard, in a separate column and without having to use the page editor.

Tom McFarlin



SEO Slides

Create SEO presentations that you can embed them in WordPress posts and pages using a shortcode. Slides can be edited and arranged using a custom post type and a WYSIWYG editor.




Overwrite Uploads

WordPress doesn't automatically replace images with the same filename when they are uploaded. This plugin overrides that and lets you override uploads automatically.

Ian Dunn