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Top 5 Wholesale Plugins for WooCommerce: Do Serious Business With Minimum Effort

Top 5 Wholesale Plugins for WooCommerce: Do Serious Business With Minimum Effort

Nina Medanić

April 21, 2021 (modified on September 8, 2021)


If you are familiar with WooCommerce and have an online store, it’s time to learn more about other aspects of the platform. One of those is B2B wholesale, which will be explained in this article.

Let’s start with the basics. B2B refers to business-to-business, which means that B2B wholesale companies sell their products in bulk to other companies. For example, if your company is selling toilet paper, you can sell it in bulk to other companies that require it. The company that purchases your product will either use it internally for production or consumption or resell it to individual customers.

When we talk about wholesaling, we can differentiate three types: manufacturer wholesaling, merchant wholesaling, and agents and brokers wholesaling. The first type is typically used when a manufacturer is distributing their own products for wholesale. Merchant wholesaling refers to companies reselling products in smaller quantities to individual customers. Finally, agents and brokers are middlemen involved in negotiations for buying and selling on behalf of their clients.

Furthermore, it increases brand awareness and visibility. When you sell your products in bulk, you are working on building your brand reputation. Once a purchaser further resells your product, even more people hear about your brand.

Companies that are immersed in wholesale can maintain a fixed profit margin, which can be from 3 to 10%. Moreover, when you are a wholesaler, you can moderate supply and control communication between the manufacturer and the retailer.

Woman working in warehouse

The market is constantly changing, and if you want to stay on top of it, you have to improve your sales strategies continuously. You want your business to be efficient, all while providing a great customer experience and having an increase in sales.

The simplest thing you could do is offer special deals for your products. Special deals can attract new customers while strengthening loyalty in your current customers. Similarly, you can start a referral program to encourage customers to promote your business to their friends and family.

The potential technical improvements in your business include an easy buying process and fast delivery. You have to make ordering, billing, and shipping your products a seamless process. Have customers create profiles so you can display personalized pricing on the website. Improving this part of your business will result in fewer mistakes and more sales.

Shipping is one thing that can often make customers give up on the purchase. To prevent that, offer fast and free shipping on your website. Speed and no additional costs will ensure your customers return again and again.

Don’t forget to have fantastic customer service to which customers can turn to in case of any doubts or concerns. Make sure they can get assistance when needed, whether it be online or offline.

Last but not least is offering similar products or a bundle of products which can be bought together. Making such recommendations will show the customers you are interested in their purchases and are knowledgeable about them.

Now that we have covered the basics, we can talk about plugins that will help you on your wholesale journey.

1. Woocommerce Wholesale Suite

Woocommerce Wholesale Suite

Want to build wholesale sales into your WooCommerce store? Then this plugin is for you! This plugin will automate everything about your wholesale business from signup to checkout. With it, you can capture wholesale leads, create optimized wholesale order forms as well as different pricing, and do so much more.

The Wholesale Suite by Woosuite is the all-in-one wholesale solution, with over 100 features, multiple functions, and 15 plugin modules.

The suite is a comprehensive business solution that handles wholesale prices, discounts, and taxes to quotation requests, order forms, product exposure, company registration, content restriction, and more!.

Manage all of your B2B and D2C orders in one spot; there’s no need to offer identical products for your wholesale customers as they’ll automatically sync!

The wholesale suite automates the process of wholesale customer recruiting with customer approval or rejection email. This also helps you to select whether to manually approve each customer account or auto-accept wholesale customers.

Looking to disable a particular payment method for wholesale customers and enable it for the retail ones? Go and try out this with the conditional shipping and payment methods feature for the wholesale suite plugin.

For example, you can enable AmazonPay for retail customers and disable it for wholesale customers.

Overall, the wholesale suite plugin allows you to create a smooth user experience for both groups, whether you run a “B2B Shop” or a “B2B & B2C.”

Some of its most notable features are:

● Set different prices for each product (wholesale prices) on variable or simple product variations.
● Wholesale quick order form.
● WooCommerce catalog mode or private store option for hiding prices and add to cart until login.
● Tiered wholesale pricing
● Create customized wholesale registration, and billing specifically for your business clients
● Inventory Management
● Minimum and maximum order quantity
● Password Protection
● And much more…

2. B2BKing


B2BKing is our top choice when it comes to WooCommerce. This affordable WordPress plugin is aimed at small to medium-sized enterprises and provides you with great wholesale features.

B2BKing has more than 137 features and comes in both a free and a premium version. Once you download it, you are equipped with everything you might need for your business. It’s simple to use but extremely powerful and valuable.

With it, you can set up sub-accounts, assign multiple buyers per account, and set up a permissions system as well as access to a pricing account. When it comes to prices, there is an option to set different prices for the same product for different groups.

You can have control over different payment methods and shipping options. Also, you can decide on product visibility and set it up for different users or groups. Similarly, there is an option to hide or restrict specific prices and pages from guests.

“Request a Quote” and the “Offers” feature allow you to set up a messaging system and create custom offers to negotiate prices and keep both parties satisfied.

B2BKing offers tab

Regarding messaging, there is also a notifications system, built-in messaging system, and inquiries. The emails you can receive are: new customer email, customer approval email, and new message email.

B2BKing includes basic features such as setting quotes instead of prices, as well as complex features such as tiered pricing structures, tax exemptions, and VAT handling. Other features include registration forms, custom billing fields, and invoice payment gateway.

With the “Dynamic Rules” feature, you can set pricing, discounts, free shipping, minimum and maximum number of orders, taxes, and fees.

B2BKing dynamic rules tab

“Wholesale Bulk Order Form” is another significant part of this plugin; it’s fast, powerful, and has a modern UI. It has instant subtotal calculation and a shortcode you can insert anywhere you want.

All in all, not only is B2BKing full of great features, but it’s also easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

3. B2B & Wholesale Suite

B2B & Wholesale Suite

B2B & Wholesale Suite provides you with more than a hundred features and integrates with 20 different plugin modules.

This plugin will give your website many functionalities while being easy to use and flexible. You can set different prices for different users and hide prices and products from logged-out users.

Create custom fields and forms to extend business registration and customize forms for quotes. You have the option to organize users in groups and set different pricing, order, tax, and payment rules.

The “Wholesale Bulk Order Form & Shopping Lists” feature allows customers to search items by name, variation, description, and SKU. Orders can be saved as shopping/requisition lists and used at a later time. The feature can also be integrated with tiered pricing, discounts, and catalogs.

B2B & Wholesale Suite bulk order form and shopping lists feature overview

The communication system allows for receiving quotes by email or in interactive discussions. Email notifications can be sent out to both the shop and the customer. The “Quote Requests” feature enables business customers to request quotes, message, and negotiate.

With B2B & Wholesale Suite, you can allow business customers to create employee accounts and access pricing and the product catalog. It also gives you the option to see who placed each order.

Like I mentioned earlier, a great way to improve your sales is by offering deals and bundles. With this plugin, you can create special and promotional bundles and set custom pricing. Also, you can make those bundles available only to certain users or groups.

B2B & Wholesale Suite product bundles feature overview

The plugin works great with any WooCommerce and WordPress installation. It’s also compatible with any well-coded theme and has been tested with the most popular themes on the market.

4. WooCommerce Quick/Bulk Order Form

WooCommerce Quick/Bulk Order Form

This plugin will help you increase your sales by letting you add a wholesale order form. To create an order form, you only have to add a shortcode to a page.

The plugin lets your customers search by product, id, title, or SKU. You can also quickly turn the price field on or off and set the default number of rows. The price totals will be calculated in real-time, and only specific categories can be included. Furthermore, you can have or exclude specific product variations and display product images in autocomplete search.

There is an option to add an extra button for adding additional fields if needed.

You can create as many fields as you want and customize them to your liking with shortcode attributes.

Still, even though this plugin offers valuable features, a better choice would be B2BKing which offers these and many more features.

5. Discount Rules for WooCommerce

Discount Rules for WooCommerce

With Discount Rules for WooCommerce, you can create bulk discounts, dynamic prices, as well as advanced, percentage, product-based, and tiered discounts. The plugin offers both a free and a premium version.

In the free version, you can set percentage-based discounts and store-wide discounts. There is also the option for quantity-based deals such as buying 3 to 7 products and getting a 10% discount. Similarly, you can create a cart-based discount (spend more than $1000 and get a 10% discount). Furthermore, you can show the discount table on product pages.

In the premium version, you get all of these features plus some extra ones. You can offer one or more free products as well as a set discount for each product variant.

An interesting premium feature is excluding products on sale from discount rules and having a sale badge.

If you want the same discount features and many others, I recommend installing B2B & Wholesale Suite instead of this plugin to improve your sales even more.

6. RegistrationMagic – Custom Registration Forms and User Login

RegistrationMagic – Custom Registration Forms and User Login

RegistrationMagic is a plugin that allows you to create customized registration forms. With it, you can also accept payments, track submissions, analyze stats and assign user roles.

You can set up registration forms with pre-defined form fields and set up payments for paid user registrations.

In the front-end area, your users can log in, reset passwords, check transaction history and download their form submissions. You can monitor all of the activity from a dashboard, accept attachments, and view or download them.

The plugin is updated regularly and allows you to create a signup form as well as event registration and course registration forms.

Both B2BKing and B2B & Wholesale Suite offer registration form building features and could be a better pick, considering they come with many other features as well.

Final thoughts

Business-to-business wholesaling is a very lucrative market and can benefit you in the long run. Since the market is constantly changing, you also have to change with it.

B2BKing and B2B & Wholesale Suite are top choices to have when it comes to wholesaling. They both offer a significant number of valuable features that are sure to amp up your sales and your brand visibility.