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Best Email Marketing Tools Everyone Should Have in 2021 to Regularly Keep in Touch With Your Audience

Best Email Marketing Tools Everyone Should Have in 2021 to Regularly Keep in Touch With Your Audience

Asmir Karailo

March 28, 2021 (modified on April 27, 2021)


Marketing tactics go in and out of style pretty quickly. But, one of the oldest ones is definitely email marketing.

But, how do you use it properly, and what tools do you need for that?

Well, as you might have guessed, you need email marketing tools. These tools are great for creating email marketing campaigns, providing you with a burner email address, and some other cool things that we will gladly show you.

Your inbox is so alive that you receive messages every few minutes, but you want your peace? No worries, email marketing tools can help these kinds of problems as well.

Let’s jump into exploring some of them!

1. EmailOctopus

Email Octopus

Who wouldn’t like an octopus to handle their email marketing campaigns? Unlike a regular two-handed postman, this guy can throw out eight emails at a time! Well, the truth is far better, as EmailOctopus will actually handle any number of emails you need.

Before you can start using its powers, you will need to collect email addresses. You’re not alone in this endeavor – EmailOctopus will offer customizable sign-up forms and landing pages that will attract the attention of your visitors.

And when you decide to send them an email, you will love what you can do with the visual editor. Simply pick up a template you like, modify the content, and you should be ready in minutes!

If you need to target specific people from the list, you will be able to create segments and track open rates and engagement.

For those who have up to 2500 subscribers, EmailOctopus is entirely free and lets you send 10,000 free emails each month. How amazing is that?


The number one spot goes to It is an email service provider that will help you with your email outreach. With this little helper, you will increase your engagement in no time!

It gives you all the tools you need for creating, sending, and tracking automated campaigns. With it, you can also create something called a cold email marketing campaign.

After you sent the original email, you can schedule other messages to be sent automatically to the recipient. That way, if they ignored your initial email, they will get another one – a little reminder but with some new info. The flow will automatically stop if you get any kind of feedback, like a reply or a click. also lets you track clicks, replies, and the opening of any email you send. It is a great tool with a lot of cool tricks, and it is for sure worth checking out.

3. SendPulse


SendPulse is our pick number 2 for this list. Even though this tool is advertised as a multi-functional marketing tool, its most popular feature is email marketing.

It has a great number of features that will make you a pro at this type of marketing. It also has a ton of professionally designed templates that you can use for your campaign. You can edit and customize them however you like.

Just like the previously-mentioned tool, this one can also automatically send emails with many variables.

4. EmailScraper


The third tool on our list is EmailScraper. This one will easily be your favorite.

Did you ever struggle to enlarge your email list? You need some new subscribers to hit up with your great promotions. Well, this tool has your back!

With this magic tool in your hands, you can crawl websites and get email addresses. This is probably the most powerful web-based tool out there. It uses a lot of techniques to do its job, which entails website crawling, searching Google, searching .txt files, and bulk URL crawling.

It is easy to use and install. It is also safe to say that it does not lack when it comes to speed, so you can be sure that everything will work in a nice flow.

5. Moosend


The next spot on our list goes to Moosend. With this tool, you have the freedom to automate repetitive tasks and save your precious time.

It helps you create behavioral email marketing campaigns that are based on your subscribers’ activities or information.

It will help you with improving your click-through rate, the open rate of your emails, as well as your ROI.

Furthermore, it will provide you with some detailed information about your campaign so that you know what is working the best.

6. Burner Mail Premium

Burner Mail Premium

The fifth spot on our list goes to Burner Mail Premium. When you get to know this tool, you will ask yourself, “How did I ever live without it?”.

It provides you with a burner email address. That way, you won’t ever need to give your personal email address to a random site.

Want to get a free trial, sign up for a forum just for a day, or use an email address for whatever reason – use this tool! There is no need to give your personal email address and then receive hundreds of unrelated messages out of the blue!

There are also some more tricks that this tool provides, so be sure to give it a shot!

7. Paced Email

Paced Email

The last spot on our list goes to Paced Email. This little fellow is a great tool for the ones that get lost in receiving a lot of emails.

The best form of business communication is for sure via email. But that can also be a productivity drain.

For instance, you are laser-focused on one thing and finishing it on time, but new emails keep distracting you. This means it is time for a quieter inbox.

With Paced Email, you can choose when you want to receive emails, daily, weekly, or even monthly. And all the emails are sent to you in a single email. This way, your inbox will be much cleaner.


Email is a big part of business in general. It is a professional way of communicating with customers and other businesses.

These tools will be your right hand at any given time. So be sure to check them out and use them for your own benefit.