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Speeding Up Your Blog’s Growth

Speeding Up Your Blog’s Growth

Vallery Henings

October 1, 2019 (modified on May 17, 2021)


Running a successful blog requires you to think two steps ahead and prepare for its future growth in various ways. Otherwise, it’s easy to get swept up by your competition, even if you initially had some truly unique and original hook. This actually happens quite often.

There are some technical aspects to this that you have to look into as well, and it’s not just about posting the right type of content and having a schedule.

Use the Right Plugins

The great thing about running WordPress for your blog is that you have access to a large number of plugins that can simplify and streamline your work.


It’s not just about making your blog prettier or more organized – nowadays, you can easily do things like make cross-posts to different platforms, analyze your incoming searches and other interesting data points in detail, embed various kinds of content without having to take any extra steps, and more. If you find yourself repeating some actions often and you feel annoyed by this, that’s a good sign that you need to look into some plugins to take some of the load off.

Fast Information Synchronization

It’s also likely that you’ll be working with various other places where you store and organize information, not just your blog. This is especially common for blogs on more informative or research-heavy topics. And if you also have to move around a lot and work from different locations (something common for many bloggers), that can make the situation even more complex. You should look into using something like PieSync to make sense of all your data in multiple locations, and easily synchronize it across platforms and devices. PieSync, in particular, is a great choice for that, as the service supports a large number of platforms right off the bat and doesn’t require any special configuration. The amount of work you’ll have to put into this can quickly add up, so don’t underestimate it!

Promotion Done Right

Promoting Blog

You will find it difficult to keep growing your blog without putting some extra work into its promotion sooner or later. It happens to everyone at some point, and it’s important to anticipate that moment and know how to tackle it. There are various ways to boost the traffic to your blog with the help of the internet, but many of them can be a waste of money if you don’t do them right. Take a little time to learn about platforms like AdWords, Facebook Ads, and more, so that you’ll know how they work when the time comes for you to use them.


Growing a blog fast is a combination of multiple factors. It also requires some patience at first, as it is not much you can do to boost your traffic when you’re still starting out. But as long as you maintain a consistent, determined approach to your blog, you should see a steady rise in traffic over time, and you may eventually even find yourself looking to bring some extra help on board! But until then, keep your eyes forward and pay attention to your performance bottlenecks. An example of setting up a WordPress site that’s built for speed is when the Lifehacker guy blogger set up his e-commerce store.