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Why Your Business Needs Google AdWords, Social Media and SEO

Why Your Business Needs Google AdWords, Social Media and SEO

Vallery Henings

April 11, 2019 (modified on December 5, 2023)


With the advancement of modern technologies these days, it’s clear that the role of a digital marketing strategy is definitely essential for business growth and success. Trusy Social is a good recommendation to enhance your Instagram profile you can try. As Internet usage is growing, you should know where these tactics stand in your business so you can take advantage of them.

Read on this article as we’ll tackle how these strategies can work perfectly for your business.

Build brand awareness

An essential benefit of using powerful digital marketing strategies is building brand awareness. When your site is visible on the first page of search engines, when people start to interact with your content in social media, and when advertisers target people on other sites through Google AdWords, you’re more likely to build trust among your prospects. These strategies, alongside collaborating with a brand design company, can really work best for your business and take it to the next level.

Brand Awereness

Increase conversion rates

Digital marketing strategies can increase conversion rates. It’s the percentage of visitors who have taken action on your website. By paying attention to your conversion rate, you can acquire more customers and, later on, grow your business to success. This is where social media, Google AdWords, and SEO come into play:

  • When your brand begins to share content, comment, and post statuses on social media, you can increase your site’s visibility, giving your business more opportunities for conversion.
  • If you have good search engine rankings as a result of your SEO efforts, you can gain higher conversion rates, which make it possible for you to close a deal with the customers.
  • Lastly, by using the free Google Ads conversion tracking tool, you can measure the number of people who are buying products or services after they go to your website. As a result, you have the chance to improve your conversion rate by adding specific keywords.

Give Higher ROI

Digital marketing companies and online marketers can get the most out of conversion rates to gain maximum return on investment (ROI) for your business.


With a combination of Google AdWords, social media and SEO, you can track and monitor results that help you take the necessary steps to ensure growth. By engaging with a wide audience through social media, optimizing Google Ads campaigns, and getting more clicks from SEO, all of these efforts lead to a better return on investment.

If you want to keep an eye on your ROI every now and then, consult your digital marketing company about sending large files, like the results of the implementation of the marketing strategies, to your end.

Excellent source of traffic and leads

Taking advantage of digital marketing tactics can bring in more leads to your business. The more you optimize your strategies, the more people you can get for your sales funnel.

  • With social media, you can reach out to a variety of audiences by sharing likes, commenting, and even posting of relevant and engaging content. By using social media, you can find your target audience and traffic sources easily, and convert them into new sales leads.
  • It’s clear to say that Google is one of the most powerful search engine platforms in the world. Thus, there’s no question that many people search and click some Google Ads on a daily basis, which means that Google AdWords can send high-quality leads to your website. The good thing about it is that the people it sends are more likely to become customers or those who will take the action you want them to.
  • With optimized keywords and useful and engaging content, along with web development tools, your website can reach the first page of the search results. This means having a site that stands out from the competition, which can help you gain more leads and increase your customer base in no time.

Traffic leads


Google AdWords, social media marketing, and SEO are probably some of the most cost-efficient parts of a marketing strategy.

  • For instance, you can have complete control over the amount of money you spend as Google AdWords enables you to track your spending.
  • Also, creating social media profiles is ultimately free for most social networking channels, making it easier for you to engage with a wide audience.
  • SEO is also a cost-effective strategy since it provides trackable results, which are essential to gaining more traffic and converting them into sales.


If you’re starting up a business, you don’t need to invest in traditional marketing strategies immediately, especially if you don’t have sufficient resources. But thanks to the Internet, it has come around to level the playing field. With the advent of digital marketing strategies such as SEO, social media, and Google AdWords, it’s easier for businesses to compete in a vast marketplace. Given the information above, it’s good to say that online marketing is extremely essential for growing your business toward success.